July 2021

Can I use a web map service as my location map?

A couple of years ago Petrosys PRO introduced the ability to use a dbm. file with WMS layers as a location map. Not only that but location maps can also be included within the map template and displayed in your map by selecting the relevant style template at any time.

Displaying OSDU and subsurface data inside ArcGIS Pro

Petrosys are no strangers to working with partners and developing 3rd party connections that allow our customers to bring together the data they need with ease. With the highly anticipated Petrosys add-in for ArcGIS Pro coming soon we take a look back at how the story developed.

June 2021

May 2021

Exploring the OSDU Universe

The Petrosys R&D Roadmap is committed to OSDU™; as members of the Open Group, participating in networking and best practices discussions and developing a connector that enables the extraction and visualisation of Well data from OSDU™.

December 2020

Season’s Greetings – A message from the C.E.O

2020 is without a doubt, not the year any of us had planned however, as I look back on the past 12 months it has been heartening to witness our resilience and capacity to adapt to unparalleled circumstances and keep going.  Petrosys colleagues and clients have successfully migrated to a ‘virtual’ world and it is with pleasure that I note our ability to communicate and remain productive has only gone from strength to strength.

Printed Maps vs Digital: Do we still use paper maps?

The way in which we view and interact with maps of all types and across all sectors of life and industry has changed significantly too. As the self-proclaimed ‘Mapping Gurus’, here at Petrosys, we have a clear interest in how our customers work with maps, which has recently raised the question – why do we need printed maps when digital maps are so readily available?

September 2020

Using Colour to Communicate

Improve your mapping standards by taking advantage of the latest scientific colour gradients. We have added a number of perceptually uniform and ordered gradients to new release Petrosys PRO 2020.1, created by Fabio Crameri

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