Petrosys PRO Mapping – Reinforce the credibility of your work by creating publication quality maps using the latest available data in the least possible time.

  • Produce publication quality maps of current interpretation in minutes
  • Display data directly from the most popular E&P applications and data stores
  • Accurately map data from multiple coordinate systems
  • Trace and edit contours, faults, and outlines for subsurface map interpretation

Corporate Mapping Standards

Use the Petrosys PRO map templates to build standard maps across projects and teams within your company. With Petrosys PRO, E&P management can expect a consistent, high standard of map presentation for technical meetings, digital publications and reports.

Subsurface Mapping Editors

The Petrosys subsurface mapping editors are vital tools for many geoscientists globally. Their flexibility and simplicity generate a powerful suite of tools to interpret the subsurface more accurately. This allows users to impose their geological knowledge into subsurface maps whereas other applications may force the user to accept a default-generated grid and offer limited control beyond this.

Well and Seismic Mapping Tools

As Petrosys PRO works with a comprehensive understanding of well data, it is easy to post downhole information along well tracks and at surface and bottom hole locations. With seismic data, Petrosys sets the industry standard for high quality base maps.

Visually Appealing Maps

Select and create scale bars, title blocks, color bars and North arrows. An intelligent legend builder completes your masterpiece. Clever use of color bars, translucency and raster image overlay results in visually appealing maps. Automatic and manual overpost correction improves legibility in areas of dense well and seismic data.

Prospect to Reservoir Scale Maps

With Petrosys PRO it is easy to produce detailed prospectivity, exploration and reservoir maps to support farm-ins, licensing rounds and daily operations. Maps can be effortlessly updated as the underlying datasets evolve.

Map Layer Management

Map data is stored as a series of layers that are easy to edit or re-sequence. Map layers can be grouped by data display types, source coordinate reference system, or manually. A single map file, or the associated layered PDF output, can convey the knowledge of all individual horizons or zones in a field, streamlining the management and sharing of maps.

“Petrosys PRO’s rich toolset lets you get so much further in a project within a single workflow – without the interruption of changing applications.”