• Integrate knowledge to improve discovery rates and reduce production costs
  • Create a gold standard master store
  • Calibrate and control data quality to make more confident decisions
  • Distribute data securely to those who can build with it
  • Promote knowledge as a long term corporate asset

Have you built the world’s best data store, but no one can actually use what is in it?

Everyone does data management, we do it better…


…better access, more accurate content, improved discovery


The effectiveness of the processes with which you manage your E&P assets will depend on the quality of the data that describes them. A Petrosys dbMap® data management strategy will help you build a reliable and secure collection of your E&P data, whether it’s information that you have measured, interpreted or acquired. Our extensive experience with the PPDM data model will ensure that the security and performance of your data store can be tailored to meet your operational needs.

Gold Standard Data

With multiple teams and different operational processes using data from the same business object over the history of an asset, it is essential that the business uses a consistent version of the data with a validated level of quality and a traceable change history. The aim of a well-managed master data strategy is to create a gold standard source for the key components of business knowledge.

Integrate Business Processes

Having confident access to reliable and unique reference data for wells, surveys and leases allows your organisation to integrate business processes across financial, engineering and geotechnical domains. Production records can be correctly assigned to well bores, which in turn are correctly positioned relative to geotechnical interpretation, reservoir models, and lease boundaries.

Manage Sources, Track Data Changes and Large Data Sets

E&P data is frequently available from multiple sources, ranging from public records through commercially traded data to the operator’s own information. Petrosys provides strategies for managing multiple versions of data and for selectively promoting elements to the master depending on data type and business context.

In Petrosys dbMap, data changes can be traced using audit history tables. Auditing can be selectively disabled for technical updates to allow the cost in resources and performance to be balanced against business value.

Speed Technical Data Assembly

In putting together data acquired over decades of field development, drilling and seismic surveys, the resolution of inconsistencies, errors and data gaps can not only be a time consuming distraction but can also lead to poor interpretations and missed targets. The improved knowledge of data availability provided by the dbMap and dbMap Web user interfaces means the best data is used with confidence.

Desktop and Web Interfaces

Petrosys provides both a desktop map interface (accessible through Windows or Linux) and the dbMap Web interface that features industry-leading interactive performance in an easily deployed web browser environment. Both interfaces allow you to browse, query, report and edit your master data store.

Delve into Original Data Sources

When users suspect a problem with data from a well or survey, managed access to unstructured datasets allows them to drill down into the original source data to more rapidly and reliably resolve inconsistencies or add critical missing knowledge. Errors in simple numbers such as the elevation reference for a well, for example, can completely negate the value of the well in a data set. Being able to check a suspicious elevation against an original well completion report may be the key to reliable inclusion of additional formation picks or checkshot surveys in a sparsely drilled region.

Manage Unstructured Data

Records management in the dbMap® PPDM model supports cataloguing of unstructured digital and physical data such as well logs, seismic data sets, core samples and images, and document collections. Links to both the E&P master data and any existing document or file storage systems open effective knowledge streams between specialised data stores.

Finish Projects Faster

Enabling professional staff to overcome data hurdles more smoothly allows projects to get completed quicker and to a higher standard. As a result, your business can achieve exploration and production targets at a lower cost and in a better time frame.

Good Corporate Governance

Managing access to, and the ownership of, data is both a corporate responsibility and a competitive differentiator. Petrosys dbMap lets you control database level security to ensure that only authorised users can update information. Data governance procedures can be implemented to give control of data to the most appropriate staff.

Excellent Spatial Integrity

dbMap builds on the EPSG coordinate reference system (CRS) database to reconcile historically and regionally diverse geographic information. Extensively tested and mature algorithms ensure the optimal interpolation of downhole data from well directional surveys.

Leverage GIS Investments

Petrosys supports a range of spatial data management technologies including Oracle Spatial and Esri ArcSDE. Well locations and seismic navigation from the PPDM master can be automatically made available to your ArcGIS community, whilst GIS managed spatial knowledge related to facilities, infrastructure and regional geology is also accessible to the dbMap user. dbMap’s powerful spatial data translator turns your Petrosys desktop into an essential hub for moving spatial data in and out of geoscience applications. Several options are provided to allow for the management of leases in different business environments.

PPDM Wells and Seismic

Petrosys supports a substantial footprint of the PPDM data model for well and seismic data. The well data coverage includes well header, directional surveys, well logs, tops, cores, and monthly production. Seismic coverage includes 2D and 3D spatial data, acquisition and processing histories.

Agile and Relevant Extensions

Our professional development and QA group ensure that dbMap is regularly extended to keep up with evolving industry needs. The FracDB extension manages well stimulation data with an emphasis on the needs of the operator. PLDB extends established prospects and leads workflows with advanced stochastic reserves estimation.

Browse, Chart and Report.

Browse, Chart and Report.

Informative Dashboards.

Informative Dashboards.

Access and Update Detailed Data.

Access and Update Detailed Data.

View, Understand and Drill Down.

View, Understand and Drill Down.

Wizards to Guide Workflows.

Wizards to Guide Workflows.

Access Unstructured Digital and Physical Records.

Access Unstructured Digital and Physical Records.

Import, Export and Quality Control.

Import, Export and Quality Control.

Tailored to Meet your Needs

dbMap is designed to allow site specific extension to the data model as well as to accommodate alternate interpretations of PPDM elements, such as in the use of reference tables. Our database services team maintains a snapshot of site specific extensions to ensure that you can meet user expectations for technology and data model improvements with minimal service disruptions.