A Petrosys dbMap data management strategy will help you build a reliable and secure collection of your E&P data, whether it’s information that you have measured, interpreted, or acquired. Our extensive experience with the PPDM data model will ensure the security and performance of your data store can be tailored to meet operational needs.

Comprehensive solution

  • Corporate, industry trusted database, gold compliant with PPDM standards
  • Supports a wide range of data-types
  • Structured data is supported by links to Unstructured documents
  • Data changes tracked over time

Trusted knowledge base

  • Single source of truth
  • Governance processes to vet data
  • Data quality & confidence measures
  • Standards/consistency across teams and multiple sites
  • An experienced vendor of subsurface, geoscience focused data management solutions

Secure Accessibility

  • Configurable security governs data access
  • Easy access via web browser
  • Data transfer between applications
  • Dashboards and analytics
  • Open architecture
  • Work with experts to build an effective program to complement your team

Manage, Track & Govern Large Data Sets

Managing multiple versions of data and selectively promoting elements to the master depending on data type and business context. In dbMap, data changes can be traced using audit history tables.

Integrate Business Processes

Having confident access to reliable and unique reference data for wells, surveys and leases allows you to integrate business processes across financial, engineering and geotechnical domains.

Desktop and Web Interfaces / Cloud or On-Premise

In the cloud or on-premise, both the desktop map interface and high performant dbMap Web interface, allow you to browse, query, report and edit your master data store.

Effective Technical Data Assembly

Inconsistencies of data acquired over decades can lead to poor interpretations and missed targets. The improved knowledge of data availability provided by the dbMap and dbMap Web user interfaces means the best data is used with confidence.

PPDM Wells, Seismic, Permits, Basins & Fields

Supporting a substantial footprint of the PPDM data model for well and seismic data. Well data coverage includes; well header, directional surveys, well logs, tops, cores, and monthly production. Seismic coverage includes 2D & 3D spatial data, acquisition, and processing histories. dbMap allows you to manage information about associated leases, permits, basins, and fields – including, spatial outlines.

Manage Unstructured Data

Records Management (RM) in the dbMap® PPDM model supports cataloguing of unstructured digital and physical data such as well logs, seismic data sets, core samples and images. Links to the E&P master data and existing file storage systems open effective knowledge streams between specialised data stores.

Data Exchange

Exchange Data between core subsurface applications and databases.

  • Customer Focused, Vendor Neutral
  • Effective Integration
  • Cross Platform
  • Efficient Task Management
  • Data Exchange between vendors
  • Interrogate then Select Data
  • Optimise Software License Use
  • Share Spatial Data
  • A suite of Data Loaders

data exchange

Petrosys are E&P Data Management Specialists

Good data management is at the core of any company, but that doesn’t mean the job is easy. Work with Petrosys experts to build a competent and effective data management team and implement solutions that will ensure that your knowledge assets contribute increasing value to corporate performance.

Manage your company’s digital and physical inventory with the ability to store the data near line. Discover and browse online reports directly via dbMap interfaces.

dbMap data management workflow

  1. Tailor a master data store around the PPDM data model. Optimise database performance and integrity to meet your specific business needs.
  2. Access Petrosys and other data stores through Windows and Linux dbMap® desktops and provide fast access to a wide audience with the dbMap® Web browser based interface.
  3. Exchange subsurface and spatial data with third-party data stores using Petrosys exchange tools or custom-built database functions.
  4. Reinforce your GIS capability with automated publishing of master data to ArcSDE layers, display of GIS layers in the dbMap® desktop, and EPSG coordinate reference systems support.
  5. Manage your company’s digital and physical records with the ability to store the data near line. Discover and browse online reports, documents, and images directly via dbMap® interfaces.
  6. Work with Petrosys experts to build an effective data management team that will ensure that your knowledge assets contribute to increasing value to corporation performance.

Why choose a dbMap data management strategy?