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In a world of data-driven decisions, success means appreciating risk and opportunity before it becomes obvious. Embedded in your critical workflows, Petrosys will unify, enhance and present insights from your entire team – for actionable results that communicate with clarity and meaning.

Effortlessly combine data across disciplines with unique, powerful connectivity to the broadest range of E&P applications and data. Create volume estimates and surface models of the highest quality by leveraging the most trusted, repeatable geoscience methods. Present your insight with accurate, richly-layered, compelling maps and visualisations that faithfully honour every geological nuance and detail.

Improve the return on your data management investment with a secure, open and scalable dbMap solution. Centralised, best-in-class uncertainty analysis empowers you to compare and understand the prospects and leads in your portfolio.

With automated workflows and consistent, best-practice organisational standards, Petrosys makes complex decision-making more efficient, more intuitive and more impactful. The effect on your organisation will be transformational.

With over 30 years of experience and non-stop innovation, no wonder more than 250 industry leaders worldwide choose Petrosys.

Petrosys consolidates the knowledge of your entire team. It helps you discover opportunities which may only become obvious when information from multiple applications, disciplines and datasets is combined.

Petrosys is the industry leader in mapping, surface modeling and data management software solutions delivering direct connectivity with the most popular exploration, production and GIS data sources. Petrosys produces high quality maps and surface models. It manages, edits, and analyses the underlying information, including the specialised seismic, well and geoscience data used in the search for oil and gas.


Geoscientists, data managers and engineers at more than 300 sites worldwide use Petrosys as an essential tool for basin and field interpretation, to enhance enterprise data management, and to help make better decisions.

Our Commitment to Support

The Petrosys global support team is highly respected for speedy response and expert technical assistance. Take advantage of the team’s expertise to resolve issues quickly and make the most of your software investment.

Our product development team applies modern software engineering practices to create and maintain systems that are robustly deployable across a range of operating systems and third party applications versions. The evolution of our product is strongly influenced by client feedback and balances requirements for improved functionality, intuitive and contemporary user interfaces, current and legacy operating systems, and flexibility.

Our Vision

We strive to be the global leader in geoscience mapping software and services, and recognised experts in E&P technical data management within the oil and gas sector worldwide, with the objective of delivering solutions that improve our client’s profitability. We pride ourselves on providing you with an outstanding team of professionals who enjoy working with all types of organisations to create, configure and deliver solutions that improve our ability to discover and develop energy resources in the best way possible.

“There aren’t many products where support gets back to you within the hour.” Geoscientist, European independent energy company.