epShare is a comprehensive solution specifically engineered for Subsurface Teams requiring a flexible and agile approach to E&P data management. Based on Microsoft SharePoint, epShare has been enhanced by Interica to excel at handling the complexities of subsurface data along with:

  • Seamless integration with many other Microsoft software suites.

  • Cost-effective, comprehensive functionality straight out of the box.

  • Security features backed by Microsoft Active Directory system.

  • Automated data loading systems increase efficiency and ensure accuracy.

  • ESRI Map integration allows geospatial access to subsurface data.

  • Customisable PPDM data model and virtualized taxonomies mean lightning fast searches.

epShare Centralised Communication

A system that enables centralised communication at the departmental level.

epShare work and collaborate together securely

Protected workspaces allowing teams to work and collaborate together securely.

epShare intuitive access to subsurface data

Geo-centric data platforms providing geoscientists with intuitive access to subsurface data.

Watch epShare in Action!

Learn about the fundamentals of epShare in this 3-minute video, giving you a quick insight into what epShare has to offer.

What You Get with epShare

Data Portal

Comprehensive, multi-featured access for industry professionals

epShare data portal

  • Automated data loading systems that reduce data loading times to mere seconds with 100% accuracy.
  • Secured with SharePoint security features centrally controlled by your Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Flattened file systems and virtual taxonomies promoting rapid and accurate data searches.
  • Multiple data filters enabling complex data sifting and sorting over large data stores.

Utilise the Power of Esri

  • Utilise the power of ESRI to integrate data sources into a single graphical interface.
  • Ability to select features and areas of interest on the map and query all related data in just a few simple clicks.
  • Fully customisable data models that can be tailored to suit the unique data requirements of subsurface operations.
  • Comprehensive data store spanning geology, geophysics, regional business documentation, and more.

Subsurface Landing Page

Your centralised communication platform.

epShare Centralised Communication

  • Highly Customisable by you the customer.
  • Centralized calendars, announcements, and discussion forums make departmental communication straightforward.
  • Departmental and regional links enable multi-site connectivity for company wide consumption.
  • Launching points for Team Workspaces enable focused groups to work collaboratively in a controlled environment.
  • Custom widgets that can include site activity statistics, commodity prices, stock prices, production rates, weather and many more.

Team Workspaces

A space for teams to work collaboratively on documents

  • Team calendar, announcement, and discussion points.
  • Important site navigation links.
  • Common area for working document control.
  • Reference document lists.
  • Individual working areas for each team member.
  • Controlled permissions and full audit trail functionality.
  • Team contact base.
  • Full integration with Microsoft Teams allowing collaboration across ancillary Microsoft environments.

Wiki Knowledgebase

An open space for non-sensitive document and knowledge sharing

epShare knowledge base

  • Customised layout for general consumption content.
  • Searchable by discipline, author, submission date, etc.
  • Accommodates comments and discussions.
  • Automatic feed displayed on main Landing page.
  • Tracked by Activity statistics.

epShare effective management of changing work environments

Learn more about effectively managing the changing work environments of your subsurface teams can be a challenge. epShare offers powerful capabilities to collaborate and work with petrotechnical data in a familiar SharePoint environment.

Comprehensive. Smart. Agile