Interica OneView harnesses the power of application connectors to extract rich metadata from live projects discovered across the organisation. IOV scans automatically discover content and extract detailed metadata at the sub-element level.

Quickly and easily discover data across multiple file systems and data silos, and clearly determine which projects contain selected data objects to inform businesses decisions. Live data discovery enables businesses to see a complete holistic view of subsurface project landscapes for improved time to decisions, more efficient data search, and effective storage management.


  • Advanced metadata on discovery from unstructured and structured sources
  • Powerful search & filtering capability across live data and PARS® archive data
  • Combining Interica’s PRM® and PARS® technology into a single interface built on the latest technology stacks
  • Cultural layers for contextual searching
  • ArcGIS visualization and  based data selections
  • Full data viewing permissions management


  • Understand your data landscape for better data and storage management
  • Quickly and easily find and display data: Charts, reports and GIS enabled data
  • Comparisons across live/archived versions; plan for declutter and keep high value data
  • See data overlaid with corporate ArcGIS layers
  • Quick and efficient map-based searching
  • Only see/access data to which you are privileged based on AD/LDAP/NIS

Interica OneView – The Fundamentals

New OneView UI – Modern, intuitive and spatial based approach to data searching for both live and archived datasets HTML5.

Supporting OSDU, DELFI and cloud native deployments.

Connectors – Collect data on discovery and enhanced spatial data. Supports all major Geotechnical Applications.

Metadata –Enhanced hierarchical metadata and relationships.

Automation-Advanced and Flexible Policy engines.

Protect Critical Projects Smart archive, built on Industry Standard PARS.

Tape, Disk, or Cloud Flexible platform and future independence.

Open RESTful API Data exchange, integration. Facilitates AI and Analytics.

Interica OneView

Discover. Analyse. Act.