The Petrosys PRO 3D Viewer with its advanced subsurface visualisation makes it much easier to understand the relationships between surfaces, exploration & production assets, and activities connected to them.

3D views put the subsurface into perspective

  • Quality control well directional surveys and zone intercepts from multiple applications
  • Investigate traps, spill points, and zone penetrations
  • Explain subsurface assets in technical and investor presentations
  • Project lease outlines and infrastructure on subsurface features
  • Monitor inputs to surface computations and computed output surfaces

Our new 3D engine is driving progress!

With the release of Petrosys PRO V2021.2, users will see the technical architectural up-date to the Petrosys PRO 3D Viewer with significantly improved performance, particularly in large datasets thanks to the new 3D engine the application is built on. With a new ribbon user interface and the use of extensive multi-threading for increased responsiveness, this is just the start of great things to come in the development of the 3D Viewer.

Highlights of the new 3D Viewer

  • Improved performance of data loading and rendering  – display a grid up to 10 x faster.
  • Shared cursor between 3D Viewer and Mapping – windows are now linked and aware of cursor location and selected items in each other.
  • Drag & drop of files onto 3D Viewer, including from Petrel® and DecisionSpace®.
  • Improved user experience due to extensive use of multithreading allowing the user interface to remain responsive whilst the application is working at loading and rendering data. 
  • Display of well log curves – a single log curve is rendered down each well path as either a trace of a pipe.
  • One button creation of 3D Viewer from Mapping – take all the items in the Mapping display list and render supported items in 3D.
  • Improved layer management means the list now has all the richness that the Mapping display layers have.
  • Modern User Interface now uses the standard ribbon UI making it easier to find the option you are looking for, with larger icons. 

Log Pipes

Log Curves

High resolution surfaces

Improved Performance

The Road Ahead…

This is just the beginning of the development of the Petrosys PRO 3D Viewer. We develop our software with a view to ensuring our clients are getting the most out of their software investment and as such your feedback is invaluable to us. We want to hear your needs, wants, and must haves.

Talk to us.