Our commitment to Professional Education and Training

Petrosys has a global team of professional staff who enjoy working with all types of client organizations to create, configure and deliver solutions that improve our ability to discover, develop and manage energy resources in the best way possible.

Let us help you


Petrosys offers a comprehensive range of software training designed for individuals and companies to acquire, maintain and optimise their skills and workflows. Petrosys can provide customized in-house training to suit your needs, data and schedule, as well as offering public training at major locations worldwide.

Please visit our training page for course information and public schedules or contact your nearest Petrosys office to arrange onsite training.

Site Visits & Consulting

Petrosys provides a number of on-site services that will help your staff to improve their competency, skills, efficiency and accuracy, including; Customized Training, What’s New Presentations, Lunch & Learns and Advanced Workflow Consulting.

Data & System Health Checks

Data and system health checks are an important part of Petrosys project and environment management, as they help to provide a consistent data structure that users and managers can leverage with confidence.

Data Management Services

Good data management is at the core of any company, but that doesn’t mean the job is easy. Work with Petrosys experts to build a competent and effective data management team and implement solutions that will ensure that your knowledge assets contribute increasing value to corporate performance.

Software Development

Petrosys has a long track record of helping to solve specific business requirements by creating collaborative partnerships with E&P companies around the world. These partnerships allow clients to provide input into software development resulting in accelerated access to solutions that are critical to their business, whilst enabling Petrosys to add additional resources to specific areas.

To discuss your needs please contact us via our support network: Support Request