With Interica OneView, navigating your Delfi data environments has never been easier

Now fully deployed in Petrotechnical Suite (PTS) on Delfi, Interica OneView (IOV) provides a ‘single pane of glass’ view over a company’s petrotechnical application environment. Users can quickly understand project content, ownership and quality and automate actions such as Archive. IOV harnesses the power of application connectors to extract rich metadata from live projects which can be viewed in conjunction with archived data.

What’s included:

  • IOV deployed in the Petrotechnical suite on Delfi
  • Setup to automatically Discover your petrotechnical project data
  • Archive and retrieve to/from Azure Blob or AWS Object Storage
  • Connectors for SLB applications
  • Petrel
  • Techlog
  • Eclipse
  • OSDU Seismic and Well
  • Studio (for Seismic)

Interica OneView deployed in Delfi

With Interica OneView you can;

  • Discover and manage your petrotechnical suite (Petrel, Techlog) project landscape at scale.
  • Reduce storage costs by archiving data out of the PTS and into blob or object storage.
  • Migrate active and archive inactive datasets from your legacy environments

Cost Savings

IOV Cost Savings

Interica OneView operates in a hybrid mode, seamlessly connecting to key petrotechnical applications and harnessing its ARBA module for Automated Rule Based Actions. Through integration with AWS S3 Deep Glacier and Azure Blob storage, IOV ensures robust and cost-effective long-term archival storage, resulting in substantial ongoing savings for data management and archival needs.

Data Governance

IOV Data Governance

Interica OneView revolutionizes the management of complex Reservoir Models, facilitating collaboration and tracking at key Decision Points. With embedded decision gates and comprehensive metadata, it ensures an audit trail for each project, enabling easy access to approved data for review and informed decision-making.

Cloud Migration

IOV Cloud Migration

Interica OneView adeptly handles large-scale data transfers, efficiently indexing diverse petrotechnical projects. It prioritizes active projects for high-performance storage while migrating inactive datasets to cost-effective cloud storage. This streamlined process ensures swift transitions to new production environments, maintaining uninterrupted operations and simplified data access via the cloud.

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