PLDB™ – Prospects and Leads Database

A powerful team based solution for creating an organised, secure repository of your prospects, leads, plays, and opportunities. Built for industry standard petroleum risk assessment and portfolio management workflows, PLDB provides the necessary tools for geoscientists and engineers to improve the risk and resource assessment of oil and gas exploration prospects and development projects allowing them to see the big picture and quickly understand the important details.

Team Based Stochastic Resource Management

Management and valuation of an exploration and development portfolio requires consistent and auditable aggregation of the technical opinions of your G&G and engineering team. PLDB provides a framework for making effective drilling and investment decisions, whilst reporting accountable resource estimates.

Petrosys understands your goal is to drill the ‘best’ prospects and undertake the most effective development projects. To accomplish this, you need to assess your exploration and development opportunities fairly and consistently; aggregate your prospect assessments into programs and portfolios so they can be examined as groups as well as single opportunities; and, analyse your portfolios to help decide which prospects to drill and which programs to undertake.

PLDB uses stochastics to determine resource size.

Share knowledge with integrated technical mapping workflows.

Management dashboards and interactive charts quickly highlight key facts.

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Collaborative Resource Management

PLDB eliminates the data delays and errors created by sharing complex collections of spreadsheets. It captures more information about how data and opinions were provided so that portfolio assessments can be ratified even after team members have moved on. It allows tailoring of the selection of prospects into portfolios for the creation of preliminary assessments and what-ifs on historic ones.

Understand and Assess Risk

Quantify and qualify the resource and value potential of exploration and development opportunities, enabling more timely and effective decision making.

Accelerated Decision Making

Conceptualise, develop, summarise and validate the technical assessment of resource potential/risk and the programs required to deliver reserves and production improvements.

Centralised Knowledge Base and Data Integration

  • Map, browse and report from a dynamic web-based portal.
  • Seamlessly integrates with the Petrosys desktop solution or your corporate E&P database.
  • Effectively integrates with technical input from a diverse range of sources (including PPDM-oriented data management solutions).
  • Coupled with Petrosys’ well data management, PLDB provides organisations with a complete solution to manage the development and lifecycle of an asset.


PLDB Workflow

Well Failure Analysis

Learning from past failures is critical to achieving future success. The WFA tool in PLDB allows companies to capture, analyse and spatialise the geological reasons why a well has failed. A necessary feature for those working on existing prospects or leads as it allows play risk values to be derived objectively and consistently using historical information.



Petrosys Understands Data Management

As an independent mapping and data management software specialist, Petrosys understands the challenges that energy professionals face. The PLDB solution and data model is built on 20+ years of active use, starting with industry standard concepts and being progressively linked with other E&P data including the PPDM standard. The associated PLDB data management tools and user interfaces are a working solution that is readily configured and extended to meet individual corporate needs and to incorporate company-specific algorithms for resource aggregation.

“We know petroleum data!”

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