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GPinfo working in partnership with Geognostics OZ SEEBASE

GPinfo has been working in partnership with Geognostics to make available these updated Geognostics OZ SEEBASE images for Australia to GPinfo users. The area of coverage now includes Papua New Guinea.


Geognostics SEEBASE®

SEEBASE NZOZ SEEBASE® 2021 and New Zealand ECS SEEBASE® 2013 are regional, depth-to-basement models that are developed and licensed by Geognostics with the input and support of government and industry.

OZ SEEBASE 2021 is based on Frogtech Geoscience’s OZ SEEBASE® (2005) and OZ Proterozoic SEEBASE® (2006) Studies. In this update, basement is defined as the top of igneous or metamorphic crust at the base of undeformed sediments, regardless of age. Note that in deeper parts of some basins, such as the greater McArthur Basin, the deepest section may be metasedimentary.

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