Petrosys videos are an easy way to get insight, information, and demonstrations of Petrosys products and workflows from our technical experts.

An Overview of Petrosys Software

Petrosys C.E.O. Scott Tidemann talks about who Petrosys is, what we do and the benefits our core software solutions, Petrosys PRO, dbMap and PLDB deliver to oil and gas companies around the world. Learn more about how our tools & services integrate subsurface knowledge through maps, surface computations, & data management with direct links to key subsurface petroleum Exploration & Production applications & GIS data stores.

Helpful Videos

PLDB: Search, Track, & Audit

[4 min] 2020 July 28
Managing all prospects and leads in a secure, centralised database, provides [our clients] a distinct advantage when it comes to finding, evaluating, and selecting prospects to invest in.

Petrosys PRO for Unconventional Play Mapping

[3 min] 2020 July 19
A short overview of the Petrosys PRO suite of tools for unconventional play mapping.

Petrosys PRO Layered PDF Maps

[3 min] 2020 April 16
Petrosys PRO layered PDF Maps allow managers, geoscientists, and engineers to discuss maps without the need for technical software.

Petrosys PRO Fault Sticks to Fault Polygons

[2 min] 2020 March 25th 
A quick look at how with just one click Petrosys PRO can generate fault polygons from fault sticks – for ALL your interpreted horizons.

Petrosys PRO Quick Insights – Drag and Drop!

[3 min] 2019 June 19th 

Cool features you need to know about! In this video, we take a closer look at how you can Drag and Drop data from multiple data sources right onto your Petrosys PRO map. Learn more about the great functionality in Petrosys PRO. In this series of short videos, we will introduce you to the many cool features of PRO that you may not be aware of.

Petrosys PRO Quick Insights – Log Exchange Tool

[4 min] 2019 July 10th 

In this 2nd video in the series, we take a closer look at the Log Exchange Tool in Petrosys PRO. Learn more about the great functionality in Petrosys PRO.

Petrosys PRO Quick Insights – Basemap Templates

[3 min] 2019 July 30th 

Cool features you need to know about!

Part of the Petrosys PRO Quick Insights Series this video introduces Basemap Templates and demonstrates just how easy they are to use.

Petrosys PRO Mapping with Petrel

[3 min] 2019 July 2nd 

A quick look at the seamless connection between Petrosys PRO and Petrel. Open Petrosys PRO from within your Petrel application and simply drag and drop data to get started.

Introducing Lowest Closing Contours

[15 min] 2018 June 20
Introducing the new Lowest Closing Contour (LCC) feature released in Petrosys PRO 2018.1. Learn how to quickly and easily identify economic prospects from a grid using well data and faults to control prospect generation.

Recent Webinars

If you’ve missed one of our recent webinars you can still watch the live recording below. Don’t forget to check the webinar schedule and sign up.

Webinar: Depth Conversion in Petrosys PRO

[30 min] 2021 February 26th 
Petrosys PRO offers an extensive range of powerful and flexible depth conversion methods. This webinar runs through a pre-defined workflow to show the range of depth conversion options available

Webinar: Map Image to Data Conversion

[34 min] 2020 November 17th 
Published maps, such as from paper records without digital backups or crafted through manual drafting, are an important source of subsurface geological knowledge. In this webinar we look at a number of tools available in the Petrosys spatial editor to convert images of maps into live surface and attribute maps, facilitating the recovery of data from sources that may have preceded digital mapping or where the digital data management failed to keep up with the document filing processes.

Webinar: How to improve your maps in Petrosys PRO 2020

[25 min] 2020 October 23rd 
Make your maps better – add supplementary information from pdf’s; explore new colour gradients; use a polygon boundary to display the AOI in your location map. In this webinar, we will show you this and more.

Webinar: Introducing Petrosys PRO 2020.1

[30 min] 2020 August 19th 
An overview of the new features and functionality that has been added to Petrosys PRO 2020.1. Learn more about converting raster images to a Petrosys PRO grid and Faults, clipping distance, and heave control, as well as much more.

Webinar: PLDB – Well Failure Analysis

[30 min] 2020 June 19th 
Learning from past failures is critical to achieving future success. In PLDB this learning process has traditionally been accomplished using the post-drill analysis feature. More recently, a significant piece of functionality has been introduced to PLDB, called ‘Well Failure Analysis’. The WFA tool allows companies to capture, analyse and spatialise the geological reasons why a well has failed. This is critical for anyone working on existing prospects or leads as it allows play risk values to be derived objectively and consistently using historical information.

Webinar: New Tips & Tricks in the Spatial Editor

[12 min] 2020 May 28th   
A demonstration of the new and enhanced functionality of the Spatial Editor in Petrosys PRO 2019. Using the Spatial Editor this video shows how you can add segmented lines with new options, including the ability to add multiple parallel line segments, fixed length, and fixed angled lines. Look out for a few more useful tips, such as those for planning well campaigns and more.

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