Connectivity with applications and data stores is superb in Petrosys PRO. The simple and direct connectivity between Petrosys PRO and subsurface applications enables geoscientists to discover opportunities, with reduced data management challenges.

  • Simple, direct connectivity with core subsurface applications and databases, such as Petrel, ArcGIS, DecisionSpace, Kingdom, Paleoscan, and more.
  • Powerful spatial and subsurface data exchange tools
  • Works simultaneously with Windows® and Linux® based applications

Customer Focused, Vendor Neutral

Petrosys works with third party development kits to provide direct links to subsurface applications and databases. New links are constantly being added in response to customer requests. As an independent software provider, Petrosys is proud of our collaboration with other leading edge systems developers who continue to provide the E&P industry with the technology it needs.

Cross Platform

Petrosys works with Windows and Linux based applications as well as in-house and hosted databases. Our software engineering team maintains an array of test systems to keep your connectivity aligned with the latest versions of applications and operating systems, reinforcing the long term value of your subsurface applications portfolio.

Petrosys PRO Complementing Petrel

With a direct connection to Petrosys PRO, Petrel users can extend their workflows with rapid and repeatable high quality subsurface map production, geologically intuitive contour based surface editing, a rich suite of geophysical and geologically focused surface modeling tools, and integration with other applications data stores.

Petrosys in partnership with ESRI

The Petrosys add-in for ArcGIS Pro allows users to directly display subsurface data inside ArcGIS Pro live from their chosen E&P source, including wells from DecisionSpace, seismic navigation from Petrel, and surfaces from PaleoScan, Emerson Paradigm, IHS Kingdom, and more.

Data Exchange

Petrosys Exchange functionality can be used to transfer subsurface and spatial data between a range of 3rd party sources. Choose input data sources and move data to defined output data sources interactively or in saved workflows.

Discover more about Petrosys Exchange.

“Connectivity with applications and data stores is superb in Petrosys…”