Bespoke Software Development

Petrosys has a long track record of helping to solve specific business requirements by creating collaborative partnerships with E&P companies around the world. These partnerships allow clients to provide input into software development resulting in accelerated access to solutions that are critical to their business, whilst enabling Petrosys to add additional resources to specific areas.

Partner with Petrosys

  • Petrosys works with you to ensure that the software being developed solves your business need.
  • Resources will be allocated to ensure you get the result you need, when you need it.
  • In-house testing on alpha and beta releases is conducted, guaranteeing that the functionality works seamlessly in your environment.
  • World-class support and maintenance is provided for commercialized solutions.

Proven Track Record

  • Schlumberger Petrel® Wells Exchange – During 2013, Petrosys partnered with one of Australia’s largest energy companies to solve a critical data management problem. The solution was delivered on time, solved the client’s business need and resulted in the addition (to Petrosys’ existing suite of exchange functionality) of well data transfer between Petrel® and PPDM-compliant databases. Please view our video that shows the result of this collaborative effort.
  • PLDB™ (Prospects and Leads Database) – Custom software development can include minor, specialized customizations, right through to the development of completely new products; as demonstrated by Petrosys’ new Prospects and Leads Database (PLDB™). PLDB™ was conceived and developed in collaboration with a client who added their specialized expertise to Petrosys’ own data management team; resulting in a product that effectively addresses industry wide pain-points whilst also meeting the client’s specific business needs. This collaborative effort demonstrates the strength of experienced software developers partnering with leading E&P companies.
  • SeisWorks® and Paradigm Epos® Exchange – During 2012, Petrosys was approached by a client who required the bi-directional transfer of seismic and fault data between 2 leading interpretation software packages. This project carried a tight timeline, but was delivered on time and on budget.

Petrosys understands the complexity of the E&P business and the data that it relies on, and maintains expert software development capabilities in the petroleum domain. If you have a business requirement that you’d like to discuss, then please contact your local sales representative or click here to email us.