Petrosys welcomes you to our exhibitions and meetings, where you can get a hands-on demonstration of “what’s new” and how “what’s new” can make you even more effective. Come along and join in.

Upcoming Events

Webinar: Receiver Deghosting of High-Resolution Shallow-Tow Seismic Data

2024 Apr 24

Location: Online, 2:00PM (NZST) Wellington, New Zealand

As the demand for offshore wind farms continues to surge, the need for detailed sub-bottom geotechnical information becomes paramount. Join the GLOBEClaritas™ webinar 'Receiver Deghosting of High-Resolution Shallow-Tow Seismic Data' and discover cutting-edge strategies for processing accurate sub-bottom data amidst challenging conditions. Register now!

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Australian Energy Producers Conference & Exhibition 2024

2024 May 20-23

Location: Perth Convention Centre, Australia

Join us on BOOTH 273

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EAGE Annual 2024

2024 Jun 10-13

Location: Oslo Norway

Connect with our team at the EAGE in Oslo!

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PPDM Expo Houston

2024 Jun 11-12

Location: Houston, USA

Register for the PPDM event where Connor Burt will be presenting 'Don't let the cloud be a landfill for your subsurface data'

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