Petrosys PRO Mapping for Petrel

With a direct connection to Petrosys PRO, Petrel* users can extend their workflows with rapid and repeatable high quality subsurface map production, geologically intuitive contour based surface editing, a rich suite of geophysical and geologically focused surface modeling tools, and integration with other applications data stores.

Petrosys PRO Mapping with Petrel

Petrosys PRO Gridding & Editing with Petrel

Harness the power of Petrosys PRO in Petrel

Petrosys Mapping: makes it easy to display well, seismic, surface, GIS and other data from Petrel* with flexible maps rendering whilst adhering to corporate map standards.  For petroleum engineering workflows, Petrosys PRO adds mapping and analytical functions that might otherwise require more complex combinations of GIS and analytical tools.

Surface Modeling: provides leading edge tool for rapid subsurface and spatial computations where the additional complexity of a full framework model are not warranted.  The Petrosys 3D visualization options lets you explore the relationship between map views, wells, surfaces and faults.

Petrosys PRO Mapping for Petrel Fact Sheet

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The Petrel Mapping Module by Petrosys (PMMbP)

The Petrel Mapping Module by Petrosys allows you to display exploration, production and geographical data from your Petrel platform projects in the most compelling, relevant and easily understood way.

Developed by Petrosys for Schlumberger, the PMMbP brings 30 years of independent mapping software specialist functionality to the Petrel platform. The technology and innovative software partnerships employed by Petrosys are committed to enhancing clients’ workflows and delivering business efficiencies. For more information on the PMMbP visit

Petrel Mapping Module by Petrosys

Advanced Presentation-Quality Mapping

Delivering essential map-making capabilities to your everyday workflows, the Petrel Mapping Module by Petrosys (PMMbP) puts the industry’s leading, most sophisticated and easy to use sub-surface mapping and editing tools right where you need them – in your Petrel* E&P software platform.

Petrel Mapping Module by Petrosys Fact Sheet

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Learn more about Petrosys PRO’s Direct Connectivity

The beauty of Petrosys software is that it allows you to tap seamlessly into all of your vital data sources: OpenWorks, GeoFrame, Finder, IHS Kingdom & Petra, Petrel, Oracle, ArcSDE – you name it – and from there combine interpretation, modeling, queries and reports to create your masterpiece. Throw in our dbMap™ data management capabilities, including PPDM support, and you’ve found compatibility, flexibility and improved productivity. Read More

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