Data Management

Good data management is at the core of any company, but that doesn’t mean the job is easy. Work with Petrosys experts to build a competent and effective data management team and implement solutions that will ensure that your knowledge assets contribute increasing value to corporate performance.

Petrosys are E&P Data Management Specialists.

The global Petrosys team is highly respected in the exploration and production data management community, for expert technical assistance and creative solution deployment. Petrosys can work with you to establish an information management strategy or to solve a problem / gap in your existing environment.

Take advantage of the team’s diverse experiences and expertise to support your needs in data loading and data migration, database administration, data modelling, PPDM data models and environments, report and query creation, business process and rule establishment, master data management, data integration and web solution implementation and deployment.  Our skills can help to securely and confidently tackle your data management needs, helping you make the most of your assets and investments.

When it comes to exploration and production data, Petrosys’ global experience is recognized and trusted.

Petrosys is an organization staffed with a diverse range of experienced consultants and developers, who know Petroleum data. Our expertise with a deep range of geological and geophysical data is well regarded by our existing clients and peers. Petrosys regularly works with a range of well and seismic data in a host of digital and physical formats. Petrosys staff have experience in the management of spatial data, leases, permits, culture, well, seismic, production, prospects & leads, volumes, models, faults, surveys, cores, samples, tests, fracture-stimulation, interpretations, and so on. You name it, Petrosys has probably worked with it.

Open, scalable and integrated – Work seamlessly with 3rd party environments and industry standards.

Petrosys genuinely understands the challenges that you face. For nearly a quarter of a century, Petrosys has developed unique data management solutions and expertise with a range of technologies and data types. At the core of the Petrosys culture is the willingness to:

  • Provide solutions that work in configurable environments.
  • Work in concert with established industry standards and resources.
  • Help clients to maximize their existing investments.
  • Improve productivity and achieve greater success.

Petrosys is an active participant and sponsor in PPDM open standards. Our dbMap/web solution framework is certified, gold-level PPDM compliant.

As the industry continues to evolve, so too do the Petrosys solutions and the team of people who support them. To learn more or to discover what we are working on next, please click here to contact us.