Data & System Health Checks

Data and system health checks are an important part of Petrosys project and environment management, as they help to provide a consistent data structure that users and managers can leverage with confidence.

Improve Your Efficiency

Health checks are conducted by experienced Petrosys personnel who understand Petrosys file conventions, directory structures, configuration, licensing and installation. The following areas are examples of the services that Petrosys offers that can help your organisation to improve its file management:

  • Consultation with users and management, to establish best practise file management involving directories and file naming conventions.
  • Creation and configuration of Master Projects and bookmarks, to streamline workflows and reduce data duplication.
  • Identification and archiving of Petrosys projects that are no longer active.
  • Disk space optimization, through identification and archiving of non-essential files in active directories.
  • Configuration and coordinate reference system checks, to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Ensuring that you have seamless connectivity to all of your 3rd party applications (custom scripts can also be written if required).
  • Petrosys integration with plotters and printers, including output to PDF and raster images.
  • Sharing configuration, to enable shared use of files such as title blocks and map sheets.
  • Setting up both Windows and Linux systems, allowing users to flawlessly access the same projects and data on both operating systems.
  • Streamline the installation of Petrosys to multiple Windows users.

If your company could benefit from a health check, please click here to contact us.