Petrosys Exchange: revolutionizes subsurface and spatial data integration. With continuous development and a commitment to staying ahead of industry needs, Petrosys Exchange offers swift connections to applications and data sources, empowering organizations to streamline workflows and make informed decisions.

  • Revolutionary Integration: Petrosys Exchange transforms the integration of subsurface and spatial data, optimizing workflows and enhancing collaboration.
  • Continuous Development: Our functionality undergoes continuous development, ensuring our connections continue to work as new versions of 3rd party applications are released.
  • Swift Connectivity: Easily connect to a wide range of applications and data sources for efficient data exchange.
  • 20+ Connectors: Choose from over 20 connectors, including integration with the OSDU™ Data Platform, Petrel, and DecisionSpace® Geosciences to access diverse data sets with ease.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline workflows and reduce manual effort with Petrosys Exchange, saving time and resources.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Make better-informed decisions based on comprehensive and up-to-date data sets, improving outcomes and operational efficiency.

With connectors to most of the industry’s leading applications, Petrosys Exchange offers unrivaled data interoperability. 

Multi-Application Data Interoperability

How It Works:

Select Data Sources:

  • Choose input data sources from a variety of third-party providers or repositories.
  • Filter data to Exchange based on the attributes of the data, i.e. area of interest.

Define Outputs:

  • Define output data sources to transfer data to, including different applications, databases, or storage locations.

Execute Workflows:

  • Interactively transfer data or create and execute saved workflows for automated processes.

Petrosys Exchange - Multi Application Data Interoperability

An important concept we understand!

Interoperability (noun): the ability of two or more computer systems or software to EXCHANGE and make use of data.

Discover how Petrosys Exchange is working with the OSDU Data Platform.

We recognize that data connectivity is vital, and are committed to ensuring our exemplary solutions connect software, data, and people for high-quality decision-making.

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