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Our mapping program is the best on the planet. And we’re making it better every day.

This is a dynamic, ever-changing field. We are committed to providing the worlds most sophisticated and useful E&P software systems to the petroleum industry – always. To that end, as systems, environments, workflows and technical processes evolve, so does our innovative development program.

Software Release Notes

Browse the latest release notes by selecting one of the links below. On request, Petrosys will be happy to supply composite release notes across a range of product versions.

Releases and Highlights

Petrosys PRO 2019.3 (03-Mar-2020)

Petrosys PRO 2019.3 – solidifies the software’s position in the production world by focusing on well data improvements.

  • Introducing Eliis PaleoScan Connector: Petrosys PRO connectivity now supports direct interaction with Eliis Paleoscan 2019.1
  • RFD tNavigator & RESCUE standard format data support enhancements: Adds RESCUE format data support for Wells, 3D Grid, 3D Grid properties and fault data.
  • Log Signature Map Display Option: users can now connect to their interpretation packages and display a wide variety of well log curves directly in Petrosys PRO mapping. These log signatures can be displayed on the map at well top or bottom hole locations.
  • Exchange of Well Log Curves: The Wells Exchange has added support for exchanging ‘Log Curve’ data between supported data sources. Users will now be able to read Log Curve data from third party data sources like OpenWorks, Petrel, Paradigm, IHS Kingdom, DUG Insight, ODM and DLIS or LAS files and then be able to write that Log Curve data to OpenWorks and Petrel.
  • Production Mapping: Display/Wells introduces the ability to display multiple path segments in the same display layer. The ‘Path’ panel has been split into the well full path and path segments display.
  • PostGIS Spatial Data Support Added:  PostGIS, the spatial database extender for the PostgreSQL object-relational database, is becoming more popular at some sites, particularly in Norway. We have now added the ability to read PostGIS spatial data
  • Paradigim 18p1 Support Pack and Petrel 2019.1 Supported: Support for the latest Paradigm 18p1 Support Pack and Petrel 2019.1 has been added for Windows and Linux (Paradigm only).
  • Improved Support for non-ASCII Text:  PRO 2019.1 adds better support for non-ASCII text being used throughout the application.
  • Surface Modeling Enhancements: Several improvements have landed in PRO 2019.1 including, unclosed sealing faults in lowest closing contour calculations and support for polygons with holes in volumetrics making volumetric workflows simpler.
  • Dispatch Server Connections Removed:  Support for Dispatch Server connections, initially deprecated in Petrosys PRO 2018.2, has been removed.

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dbMap®/Web 2019.5.1 (25-March-2020)

A major new release, dbMap/Web 2019 series sees the introduction of new Well Core Analysis functionality as well as further enhancements to the Petrosys Well Log Viewer.

  • Well Log Viewer – fill styles available for the Well Log viewer have been extended to allow for gradients.
  • Well Failure Analysis – Enhancements for importing and storing min/max/range values.
  • Prospects & Leads – Added ability to define a risk model to refine the estimation of the chance of success.
  • Prospects & Leads – Tornado plots added to give insight into the inputs which have the greatest impact on the computation results.

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