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Software Release Notes

This is a dynamic, ever-changing field. We are committed to providing the world’s most sophisticated and useful E&P software systems to the petroleum industry – always. To that end, as systems, environments, workflows, and technical processes evolve, so does our innovative development program.

Browse the latest release notes by selecting one of the links below. On request, Petrosys will be happy to supply composite release notes across a range of product versions.

Releases and Highlights

Petrosys PRO 2021.1 (23-June-2021)

Petrosys PRO 2021.1 takes connectivity to the next level with the addition of the new ArcGIS Pro add-in.

Building on the strong collection of innovative and improved features in the PRO 2020 series across Connectivity, Mapping and Surface Modeling, Petrosys PRO 2021.1 delivers the latest functionality whilst the enhanced development of existing features continues to add value to our client’s software investment.

Next Level Connectivity

• The key highlight of Petrosys PRO 2021.1 is the ArcGIS Pro Add-In with advanced connectivity enabling the direct display of subsurface data directly from E&P software.

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dbMap®/Web 2020.1.4 (04-May-2021)

A significant new release, dbMap/Web 2020.1.4 continues to expand and improve on wells functionality with the introduction of Multi-value (FMI) data in the well log viewer. Key highlights of the release include;

Well Log Viewer Multi-value (FMI)

  • The well log viewer has been extended to display multi-value log curves such as FMI data. Users can select the gradient to use when rendering the Multi-value curves.

PLDB – Import Logicom E&P REP Format

  • PLDB can now import data from REP exported Excel file format. This can be an easy way to help move your Prospect information into PLDB for managing multiple versions through time or migrating to PLDB.

New Data loaders – Production data and Well Tests

  • New data loaders for well monthly production data and well test data with a focus on MDT tests.

Preview SEGY EBCDIC Header

  • When viewing SEGY files that have been catalogued in Records Management, users can now press the Preview button to view the EBCDIC header information which is read dynamically from the file.

Preview TIFF Image Files

  • When viewing TIFF files that have been catalogued in Records Management it is now possible for users to preview the files directly in the browser without having to first download the file or open in another application.

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