New Software Release Notes and Highlights

This is a dynamic, ever-changing field. We are committed to providing the world’s most sophisticated and useful E&P software systems to the petroleum industry – always. To that end, as systems, environments, workflows, and technical processes evolve, so does our innovative development program.

Browse the latest software release notes by selecting one of the links below. On request, Petrosys will be happy to supply composite release notes across a range of product versions.

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Petrosys PRO 2023.2.4 (29-April-2024)

Petrosys PRO 2023.2.4 takes visualization to the next level with a completely new X Section module and a Fault Statistics module.

Building on the strong collection of innovative and improved features in the PRO 2023 series across Connectivity, Mapping & Visualisation, and Surface Modeling, Petrosys PRO 2023 series delivers the latest functionality whilst the enhanced development of existing features continues to add value to our client’s software investment.


X Section: the next step in advanced visualisation making it easier for you to understand the relationships in your structure and achieve an accurate representation of the subsurface.

  • Fast and Easy: Create a line of section from an existing Petrosys PRO map.
  • More Powerful than Ever: View surfaces in the cross section before & after editing and re-gridding.
  • All your Data in One Place: Display data from 3rd party vendors and compare in cross section.

Fault Statistics: development driven by customer feedback the new tool gives users access to plotting capabilities, thematic mapping, editing functionality, and much more.

dbMap®/Web 2024.2.1 (29-May-2024)

dbMap/Web 2024.1 introduced significant enhancements that streamline your workflow and provide even more insights into your well operations.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Automated recalculation of Depts and Well Locations: adds functionality to automatically recalculate directional survey offsets, TVDs & locations; Well bottom hole locations & TD TVDs; and Formation TVDs, when performing certain actions within the application or while loading directional survey data.
  • Production charts: enhanced with new charting options and additional data series available on the chart. New options have also been added to chart data for a selection of Basins, Fields, or Well zones.
  • Perforation Diagram: a new option has been added to display the perforated, isolated, and stimulated state of a well over time.

Petrosys is a long-term member of the PPDM community and dbMap/Web is currently certified as being PPDM Gold compliant.

Our mapping program is the best on the planet. And we’re making it better every day.