Our team of Guru’s regularly run webinars to provide tips, tricks and insights into our software. Registration is open to all and we encourage you to attend the live event, giving you the chance to ask questions from the team and get the most from the webinar. The webinar video will also be made available to those who register.

If you have a suggestion for a webinar topic please get in touch at info@petrosys.com.au

Up Coming Webinars

Webinar: Receiver Deghosting of High-Resolution Shallow-Tow Seismic Data

24 April 2024  |  2:00 PM New Zealand

As the demand for offshore wind farms continues to surge, the need for detailed sub-bottom geotechnical information becomes paramount. Join the GLOBEClaritas™ webinar ‘Receiver Deghosting of High-Resolution Shallow-Tow Seismic Data’ and discover cutting-edge strategies for processing accurate sub-bottom data amidst challenging conditions.

Missed a webinar?

Don’t worry you can still experience it by watching the live recorded video.

Webinar: Petrosys PRO Enhancing workflows with the 3D Viewer

[33 min] 2022 February 17th 
With the slick integration between the Petrosys PRO map canvas and the new 3D Viewer, we will look at how the 3D Viewer is used to QC and visualize geoscience outputs.

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Visit our main Video page for the most recent Petrosys webinar recordings as well as a collection of informative videos on software tips and tricks, new features, and getting started with our products.