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PLDB: Well Failure Analysis

Learning from past failures is critical to achieving future success. In PLDB this learning process has traditionally been accomplished using the post-drill analysis feature. More recently, a significant piece of functionality has been introduced to PLDB, called ‘Well Failure Analysis’.

The WFA tool allows companies to capture, analyse and spatialise the geological reasons why a well has failed. This is critical for anyone working on existing prospects or leads as it allows play risk values to be derived objectively and consistently using historical information.

Join us for this webinar to see how this is currently done and contribute your thoughts/ideas about similar issues in your current projects.

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Presenter: Kevin Ward
Date: 17 June 2020
1st Showing Time: 8:00am, Glasgow UK (BST) – check event start in local time zone
2nd Showing Time: 3:00pm, Glasgow UK (BST) – check event start in local time zone

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Webinar: New Tips & Tricks in the Spatial Editor

[12 min] 2020 May 28th   
A demonstration of the new and enhanced functionality of the Spatial Editor in Petrosys PRO 2019. Using the Spatial Editor this video shows how you can add segmented lines with new options, including the ability to add multiple parallel line segments, fixed length, and fixed angled lines. Look out for a few more useful tips, such as those for planning well campaigns and more.

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