Petrosys PRO surface modeling has the unique ability of being able to simultaneously model data from multiple input sources, drawing on a range of vendor applications and data stores. Surface models and maps are enhanced by greater access and run time filtering of data, supporting a geoscientist’s ability to evaluate and conclude their interpretation on time.

  • PRO has the unique ability to simultaneously model data from multiple sources
  • Superior grid engineering with excellent fault handling
  • Easy to configure and re-use modeling workflows that support automation
  • Volumetrics – simple and accurate

The ultimate proof of performance: legitimate, definitive volumes

A true mapping guru is a master of volumetrics, able to turn interpreted geological surfaces and reservoir characteristics into quantifiable estimates of potential petroleum reserves. Petrosys PRO puts specialized resources at your service so you can calculate volumes in a variety of ways; for example, from a depth grid representing top structure, or from a pair of grids specifying the top and base of a reservoir, or from a net pay grid. In the critical review process, slice volume charting and in-depth reporting make it easier for management and geoscientists to apply their knowledge of reservoir geometries to better understand the predicted volumes, and to move forward with confidence.

Using Petrosys PRO integrated surface modeling tools, you can easily compute complex subsurface structures that take faults and other discontinuities into account. And track your steps so you can repeat them with alternate data or ideas in a reliable, routine workflow.