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Beginner and Intermediate Courses

Introduction to Petrosys

Quick introduction for the new user – 1 day

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Making Better Maps

Expand your knowledge of Petrosys and follow a typical geoscience workflow – 1 day

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Database Courses

Introduction to dbMap

Discover how to use Petrosys’ database solution, including querying data and producing reports – 1/2 day

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Introduction to PLDB

Learn how to use Petrosys’ web based prospects and leads database solution to help your company meet its strategic economic targets – 1 day

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Advanced Courses

Geological Mapping & Modeling

Find out how to impart your own geological knowledge on the gridding & map making process – 1 day

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Depth & Velocity Modeling

Learn how to utilize all your data for the best depth conversion – 1 day

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Accountable Volumes

Petrosys volumetrics including pitfalls, data QC and understanding reports – 1/2 day

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Workflow Automation & Analysis

Automating tasks, building interactive workflows & getting the most of Surface Modeling – 1/2 day

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Custom Courses

Customised Courses

Petrosys can provide a custom course to suit your time, your data and your needs. Download our Custom Courses Flyer for more information.

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