Whilst many maps may have been published before digital mapping was commonplace, or where access to the original data is restricted, these maps are an important source of subsurface geological knowledge. This course tackles some of these challenges geoscientists face when they want to quickly and accurately extract data from raster images, which in turn will allow them to carry out prospectivity assessments over regional datasets.

Who Should Attend

Geoscientists working on project start-ups and new venture exploration teams, where the capture and analysis of every bit of available information is crucial.

Length of Course

1 day


This course can be run independently but we do suggest that users attend the Getting Started in Petrosys PRO course if they are new to the software.

Course Contents:

  1. Extracting line, polygon, and grid data from raster images
  2. Grid Editing with the Spatial Editor
  3. Analyse prospectivity by mapping orthocontours
  4. Identify structural closures with the Lowest Closing Contours tool
  5. Calculate the gross rock volume over a structure of interest
  6. Publish a high quality map that includes subsidiary information and map elements

Availability and Registration

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