The 1/2 day course covers making the most of workflows within the surface modeling module by automating repetitive or large tasks and creating ‘loops’ to investigate the effect of changing parameters.

Who Should Attend

The course is designed for geoscientists who are already using Petrosys’s surface modeling module for things like depth conversion and volumetrics. Geoscientists who create advanced workflows where automation or parameter iteration would be beneficial will find the course particularly useful.

Length of Course

1/2 Day


The course assumes that users have had significant exposure to Petrosys, and should have at least attended Getting Started in Petrosys PRO or the Making Better Maps course. It is highly recommended that users also attend Geological Mapping & Modeling and Accountable Volumes prior to this course.

Course Content

  1. Basic Workflow Automation and Analysis – browsing TSK files, adding comment lines to workflows, modifying task descriptions, logging workflows and merging TSK files.
  2. Scripting – creation of ‘generic’ workflows that prompt the user for their individual data, creating customised output while maintaining site based workflow protocol
  3. Looping – using looping to increase the efficiency of large, repetitive workflows and analyse the effect of changing parameters.
  4. Creating maps (.dbm) automatically from within the surface modeling module.

This course is often combined with Accountable Volumes.

Availability and Registration

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