This course will teach the attendees how to use the Petrosys PRO+ advanced visualisation applications including the 3D viewer and X Section.  This course tackles bringing 2D maps into 3D life, creating lines of section from multiple grid horizons including fault data, well data, and GIS data at depth.  The users will leave the course being able to produce presentation quality 3D images and videos as well as presentation quality cross sections tied to maps.

Who Should Attend

Geoscientists working on projects where 3D viewing and cross section creation is required to impart subsurface information in a vertical scene.

Length of Course

Half day


This course can be run independently but we do suggest that users attend the Getting Started in Petrosys PRO course if they are new to the software.

Course Contents:

  1. Display data from a Map into 3D viewer, add GIS data and generate a 3D movie.
  2. Learn the different ways of creating a cross section
  3. Adding fault and zone editing zone display
  4. Adding well annotations, well logs and GIS data
  5. Final touches – creating a presentation quality section
  6. Displaying the section on a Map.

Availability and Registration

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