This 1 day course introduces students to Petrosys’ Prospects and Leads Database solution (PLDB). It includes using PLDB with Petrosys’ desktop application; defining, creating and managing prospects, plays, targets and drilling opportunities; entering resource variables and probabilities; using Monte Carlo simulation to understand risk; managing company-wide portfolios, and creating reports.

Who Should Attend

The course is designed for a broad spectrum of users who are required to work with PLDB at a variety of levels from data entry to portfolio management.

Length of Course

1 Day


There are no prerequisites for this course, but it is beneficial if users have a basic understanding of mapping in Petrosys and understand the different data types associated with oil and gas exploration and production.

Course Content

During the Introduction to PLDB course the following topics will be covered:

  1. PLDB and Petrosys – See how the Petrosys desktop is integrated with PLDB, learn how to interrogate PLDB from within a web browser, and discover how to query prospects and drilling opportunites from within the mapping canvas.
  2. Prospects, Plays, Targets and Drilling Opportunities – What do these terms mean and how are they stored and linked in PLDB.
  3. Resource Computation – Using stochastic simulation (Monte Carlo) in conjunction with a variety of computation methods, probability distributions and risk factors, to define the total and economic quantity of hydrocarbons (oil, gas and gas liquids) in your prospects.
  4. Reporting – Managing company-wide portfolios and creating output reports from within both Petrosys Desktop and PLDB web.

Availability and Registration

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