What you can expect to achieve from this course

Ensure you know how to use the latest functionality in Petrosys PRO and how to integrate these features into your workflows, enhancing your productivity.

By the end of this course you will;

  • become familiar with and understand how Map Templates work with the incorporation of styles, extents, scales and basemaps
  • understand the process used to generate a grid and fault polygons from the use of fault sticks and seismic interpretation
  • be able to grid excel datasets
  • understand how to use the spatial editor to edit a grid with embedded faults by editing fault polygon outlines and contours spatially
  • become familiar and comfortable with the lowest closing contour feature to be able to quickly generate prospect polygons from a grid with limiting criteria
  • know how to use polygons and grids to generate a probabilistic volumetric resource for a prospect.
  • be familiar with how to connect to a third party application to display well and log signatures on a Petrosys map.

Who should attend

This training course is directed at the existing Petrosys PRO user who is already familiar with the software and/or has attended the Getting Started with Petrosys PRO course and who wants to continue to learn more about new functionality and how to incorporate this into daily use.

Course content – Typical workflow

Understanding and using Map Templates

  • Tutorial: Creating a Map

Gridding with Fault Sticks – Grid cell size rules of thumb

  • Tutorial: Creating grids with embedded
  • Tutorial: Creating grids from Excel

Spatial Editor

Localised Re-gridding

  • Tutorial: Regrid by editing faults and contours

Probabilistic Volumes

  • Tutorial: Probabilistic volume using top & base grids

Displaying Well Log Data

  • Tutorial: Displaying well logs

Course length

0.5 day

Availability and Registration

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