December 2020

Printed Maps vs Digital: Do we still use paper maps?

2020-12-19T01:13:22+10:30December 8th, 2020|News Archive, Newsfeed, Newsletter|

The way in which we view and interact with maps of all types and across all sectors of life and industry has changed significantly too. As the self-proclaimed ‘Mapping Gurus’, here at Petrosys, we have a clear interest in how our customers work with maps, which has recently raised the question – why do we need printed maps when digital maps are so readily available?

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Managing exploration portfolios on spreadsheets

2020-12-19T01:06:59+10:30September 12th, 2020|Newsfeed, Newsletter, PLDB, Products|

You worry that your portfolio is disconnected from any database or geological data sources. The visibility over the entire exploration portfolio is poor and you fear that sooner or later, you will miss some incorrect resource estimation and, therefore, make a poor decision for where to invest your companies limited resources. Surely there must be a solution to your problems? There is, and it’s called PLDB.

Dear Steve..Is there a better way to manage our portfolio?

2020-12-19T01:07:57+10:30September 6th, 2020|Newsfeed, Newsletter, PLDB, Products, Software Support|

Dear Steve...I have been using the Probabilistic Resource Calculator (PRC) in Petrosys PRO successfully to create risked volumes of my prospects. However, I now find myself struggling to manage our exploration portfolio on spreadsheets. Is there a better way to manage the evolving portfolio? Yes, you can, It's called PLDB.

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