Petrosys | Interica is pleased to be partnering with Eliis to showcase the powerful connectivity between Interica OneView, PaleoScan, and Petrosys PRO.

Discover. Interpret. Integrate.

This series highlights how the powerful geological software tools, Interica OneView, PaleoScan, and Petrosys PRO, work harmoniously, empowering geoscientists and professionals to optimize their exploration and interpretation processes. By harnessing the combined strengths of these technologies, professionals can enhance their efficiency and effectiveness, leading to more impactful geological discoveries.

PART ONE: Discovery

With Interica OneView discover the data available in all your PaleoScan projects.

PART TWO: Interpret & Integrate

Automated fault extraction, model grid stratigraphy, stratal slicing, and horizon extraction in PaleoScan. Utilize the Exchange functionality in Petrosys PRO – grid PaleoScan horizons to extract fault polygons before performing a well tie to calibrate surfaces to known well tops.

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Petrosys | Interica offer unparalleled software in geoscience and data management solutions. With a rich legacy of innovation and a deep understanding of the oil and gas subsurface domain, we empower clients with seamless integration capabilities, enabling them to navigate the complexities of the modern energy landscape with confidence and efficiency.

Discover Interica OneView, Petrosys PRO and Exchange

Eliis offers solutions to analyze, characterize, and model, from 2D and 3D seismic images, the different subsurface layers.