December 2021

Our software and energy transition – it’s already happening

Energy transition is rapidly gathering pace challenging many energy companies to adapt to new workflows. Petrosys has historically focused on software and services to improve E&P workflows for the oil and gas sector, but it might interest you to know that our products have long been used in other sectors.

Unstructured and Structured data: technical feature in First Break

Petrosys and Interica co-authored a technical article for First Break online magazine’s December Data Management issue, entitled ‘Total Recall: Obtaining value on demand from unstructured and structured data’. The article details the extensive experience of both companies in dealing with the challenges that face data managers when it comes to categorizing and classifying millions of files and interpretation projects.

September 2021

July 2021

Displaying OSDU and subsurface data inside ArcGIS Pro

Petrosys are no strangers to working with partners and developing 3rd party connections that allow our customers to bring together the data they need with ease. With the highly anticipated Petrosys add-in for ArcGIS Pro coming soon we take a look back at how the story developed.

May 2021

September 2020

Managing exploration portfolios on spreadsheets

You worry that your portfolio is disconnected from any database or geological data sources. The visibility over the entire exploration portfolio is poor and you fear that sooner or later, you will miss some incorrect resource estimation and, therefore, make a poor decision for where to invest your companies limited resources. Surely there must be a solution to your problems? There is, and it’s called PLDB.

Dear Steve..Is there a better way to manage our portfolio?

Dear Steve...I have been using the Probabilistic Resource Calculator (PRC) in Petrosys PRO successfully to create risked volumes of my prospects. However, I now find myself struggling to manage our exploration portfolio on spreadsheets. Is there a better way to manage the evolving portfolio? Yes, you can, It's called PLDB.

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