A message from the CEO

It’s always gratifying when our customers give us great feedback about our software and similarly it’s fantastic to hear when our team is hitting the mark with customer service too.

“What I like about Petrosys support is its global reach and, therefore, the round-the-clock expert response that always has problems solved quickly.”

“I reached out to Susanna Willan who has led some training sessions for CGG previously. She jumped straight onto the task and helped me resolve my issue in no time. Thanks very much for the help, Susanna, it was very much appreciated!”

“Eric is always so quick to respond, with plenty of options and usually a quick and effective solution! I never hesitate to reach out because I know it will be a painless process.”

These are just a few of the comments we have received from happy customers about our Support Group and the important work they do. A highly regarded team, they are responsive to customer needs and requirements and have expert level understanding of the types of problem-solving needed to ensure our clients have minimal disruption to their work when help is needed.

As the synergy between Petrosys and Interica products has brought the teams even closer together we have combined our support teams into regional groups, expanding further our global reach and resources to best serve our customers in their local time zones. We have challenged our support team to ensure that we retain the timeliness and quality of our call responses across a wide range of our group products/services in all corners of the globe. We are investing in staff training and x-product learning sessions and have added resources to support your needs. We are looking forward to continuing to build and enhance our support network to best serve our clients and partners. Supporting clients around the globe

Continuing our work with the OSDU

Our Interica OneView team has again been working in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help customers achieve value faster on the OSDU Data Platform. The first video in a 2 part series released at the end of 2021 demonstrates how we can help you discover and analyse your data across the OSDU Data Platform. The second video published just recently focuses on how you can further integrate, migrate and archive data to support OSDU and cloud migration activities. Consolidate metadata for a single pane of glass view across your petrotechnical environment. Find out more and watch the videos here.

Continuing the investment into OSDU across our software, the Petrosys PRO 2021.2.2 release in Q1 2022 delivered a new OSDU connector for reading well headers, directional surveys, formation tops, and well logs from OSDU R3. Read more here.

Upcoming Releases – We are Committed to Product Investments & Improvement

We are pleased to announce the release of Interica OneView 2022.1.0 and with new functionality and significant performance improvements for all elements of user or API integration. New AWS S3 Tiering functionality has been added which allows project data to be archived and restored to/from AWS Standard, Glacier, and Deep Glacier tiers, giving customers the flexibility to store project data at the best cost for the business. Further highlights from IOV 2022.1.0 can be found here .

IOV V2022.1.0 release

GLOBEClaritas V7.4 is coming soon with a fresh look and feel for the UI and modernisations to the job flow editor. V7.4 will launch a new AI-based First Break QC and repick application which iteratively QC’s the seismic and existing picks.

In our latest dbMap release there are some significant enhancements to our suite of data loaders, among a range of other improvements. Working collaboratively with our clients has seen a range of epShare advances in and around the seismic data domain – with more on the horizon in some upcoming releases.

Our development team is currently working on scoping out some potential fault statistics enhancements for a future release of Petrosys PRO. Read more from Susanna Willan who is involved in the project as she discusses fault statistics and understanding patterns, behavior, and growth.

Fault Statistics

Thank you to Capricorn Energy for taking the time to write a case study on their experience of using PLDB – ‘Leverage the benefits of having all prospects in a secure, central database’. We are sure you will find this an interesting and informative read.

Our GPINFO subscribers continue to consume the frequent releases and it has been pleasing to welcome a number of new subscribers in the early part of the year – indicative of the interest in the wide range of energy data and opportunities to discover and invest in.

We have also been pleased to announce that Petrosys will continue to partner with ROGII and be the exclusive distributor of StarSteer™ and SOLO™ solutions in the Pacific region. Our successful and collaborative partnership over the past 2 years has delivered software into the hands of our customers that adds significant value to exploration and development campaigns in conventional and unconventional projects.

Catch up with us in person

We are gearing up for a busy couple of months with exhibitions beginning in Brisbane with APPEA in May (Booth #44) and following on soon after to Madrid with the EAGE in June (Booth #630). If you are attending, please stop by the booths and catch up with our growing team – you can learn something new about our growing product suite or share your inputs into our R&D roadmap.

GPinfo will once again be launching the 2022 GPinfo Petroleum Permits of Australasia Map at the APPEA Conference. Thank you to all our map sponsors both returning and new. The Permits map is an invaluable resource that has been going strong for over 30 years.

Dear Steve, Ask Andy, Talk to Jenny

As our team & company has grown over the past few years so too have the number of experts, we have on hand to answer your technical questions. Find out more about the questions that have been put to our resident gurus,

Ask Andy - GLOBEClaritas

Virtual Training – Dates Available 

As always, we encourage you to take advantage of the training and service resources, we have available. We have successfully developed and delivered Virtual courses for many of our clients. See our schedule for dates coming up in the Australia and Europe regions or talk to us about your onsite training needs.

Our aim is to ensure you have the software you need to succeed and we are here to support your goals every step of the way. If you have questions or need more information please get in touch.

Scott Tidemann – CEO