Analog to Volumes Webinar Series

Embark on a transformative journey in our webinar series, guiding you through digital transformation with Petrosys PRO software. From analog data to advanced volume computations, incorporate those old maps into your geological analysis.

Webinars in the Series

Mapping Precision: Georeferencing Techniques with Petrosys PRO

Unlock the Power of Spatial Accuracy: Georeferencing Maps and PDFs Learn the art of precise georeferencing, utilizing WFS layers and georeferenced PDFs to seamlessly position your data within the global context.

Seamless Digitization: Raster Tracking in Petrosys PRO

Effortless Contour Digitization: Explore the Raster Tracking tool, enabling semi-automatic digitization of contours and grid creation. Extract faults for the raster gridding process effortlessly.

Retaining Legacy Data: Raster to Grid Transformation in Petrosys PRO

Preserving Historical Context: Delve into the preservation of legacy data, seamlessly converting raster images into grids.

Interpret and Refine: Editing and Finalizing Your Map

Spatial Editing and Styling in Petrosys PRO Refine your map using the Spatial Editor, embedding fault files with Z-values, master contour smoothing and style templates for a polished, professional final map.

Webinar Videos on Demand

We understand that time zones mean you can’t always attend the webinar live. This is why we record all our webinars and make the video available for you to watch on demand.

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