Receiver Deghosting of High-Resolution Shallow-Tow Seismic Data

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Receiver Deghosting of High-Resolution Shallow-Tow Seismic Data

As the demand for offshore wind farms continues to surge, the need for detailed sub-bottom geotechnical information becomes paramount. To address this, shallow-tow, 2D, high-/ultra-high-resolution seismic acquisition has emerged as a promising solution. However, processing the resulting data presents its own set of challenges, particularly in receiver deghosting.

Our three-phase processing strategy offers a robust solution for decreasing receiver-side ghosts, even in challenging scenarios with small wavelength sea-waves. Through a combination of multi-shot estimation and spectral analysis, we have demonstrated significant improvements in data accuracy and reliability.

Key Discussion Points:

  • The impact of shallow-towing (<2-m depth) on ghost reduction.
  • Challenges such as sea-wave interaction and receiver datum issues.
  • The effectiveness of trace-by-trace deghosting methods.
  • The proposed methodology for improving accuracy in deghosting operations.


Why Watch?

  • Gain insights into cutting-edge techniques for offshore wind farm surveys.
  • Learn about innovative approaches to tackle processing challenges.
  • See real-world case studies showcasing the effectiveness of the proposed methodology.


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