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Discover how Petrosys PRO can help ensure your subsurface maps communicate clear & compelling information for your next APA Licensing Round Submission.

Webinar: Leveraging Petrosys PRO for Successful APA Licensing Round Submissions

This webinar will show you how Petrosys PRO, a powerful advanced subsurface mapping package, can streamline your workflow and give you a competitive edge.

Learn how Petrosys PRO can help you:

  • Gain a Regulatory Advantage: Create high-quality technical maps that meet submission standards.
  • Reduce Mapping Workload: Petrosys PRO seamlessly connects to multiple applications such as Petrel, and many others. This allows you to create a map early in the APA Licensing round process and simply update it as your interpretation evolves, saving significant time and effort.
  • Save Costs on Digitising: Petrosys PRO generates vectorized outputs for maps and cross-sections. These can be directly imported into Adobe Illustrator, eliminating the need for expensive manual digitizing and reducing costs.
  • Automate Data Updates: Stay ahead of the curve with Petrosys PRO’s ability to automatically populate your Petrel projects with the latest GIS information from the Norwegian Offshore Directorate, daily or weekly.

Ryan Mooney
Support Geoscientist

Arild Hegerland
Business Development Manager

Are you ready to take your maps to the next level? 

For a more detailed look at how Petrosys PRO can streamline your workflows and help you create high quality presentation maps get in touch with our team of PRO guru specialists.