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Directional Mapping

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Join us for this Directional Mapping Webinar as we show you some of the different options available in Petrosys PRO for mapping data requiring a directional bias. We will look at mapping fluid flow using orthocontours, creating dip and azimuth vectors using surface modeling, and illustrating strike and dip using thematic mapping by symbol. These features will provide you additional tools to visualize 3D characteristics on a 2D surface.

Presenter: Eric Wright
Date: 27 March 2019
1st Showing Time: 10:30am, Houston USA (CST) / 9:30am Calgary CAN / 3:30pm, Glasgow UK
2nd Showing Time: 4:30pm, Houston USA (CST) /  8:00am, Adelaide AUS (+ 1 day)

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Webinar: Introducing the Probabilistic Resource Calculator (PRC)

[17 min] 2018 November 16
The Probabilistic Resource Calculator (PRC), gives PRO users access to our tried and tested Monte-Carlo simulation capability from the Petrosys Prospects and Leads Database (PLDB). With access to a variety of computational methods for potential resource estimates, the PRC reduces risk and uncertainty by opening up the door to probabilistic modeling.

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