dbMap V. 2024.2.1

dbMap V.2024.2.1: Supercharge Your Workflow with Streamlined Logins and Enhanced Records Management

We’re excited to announce the release of dbMap/Web 2024.2.1, packed with features designed to improve your user experience and streamline your data management workflows. This update focuses on two key areas: enhanced security through Single Sign On (SSO) and improved functionality within Records Management.

Effortless and Secure Logins with Single Sign On (SSO)

Gone are the days of juggling multiple usernames and passwords! dbMap/Web 2024.2.1 now supports SSO for sites utilizing On-Premises Active Directory. This integration allows users to securely access dbMap/Web with their existing Active Directory credentials, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of login errors. Additionally, SSO simplifies user account management for IT administrators, enabling centralized control and improved security protocols.

A Powerful Boost for Records Management

The Records Management module receives a significant upgrade in dbMap/Web 2024.2, empowering users with efficient management of physical assets and shapefiles.

  • Effortless Check-In/Check-Out: Introducing the all-new “Borrow” and “Return” buttons within Records Management! This intuitive functionality streamlines the process of checking out and checking in physical items. For added convenience, dbMap/Web 2024.2.1 also supports barcode scanning, allowing for quick and error-free item tracking.
  • Shapefile Preview at Your Fingertips: No more need to download and open external software to preview your shapefiles! dbMap/Web 2024.2.1 allows you to directly preview shapefiles stored within Records Management. This provides a quick visual representation of the data, along with details on the Coordinate Reference System (CRS) and bounding box, aiding in better data understanding and utilization.

A Look Ahead

We’re constantly striving to improve the dbMap experience, and this update is just the beginning. Stay tuned for future releases that will extend SSO support to Petrosys PRO, further enhancing login convenience and security across your workflows.

Ready to Experience the Power of dbMap?

For a more detailed look at the features and functionalities introduced in dbMap/Web 2024.2.1, we encourage you to explore the comprehensive release notes. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or require assistance with the upgrade process.