Elasticsearch for oil and gas datasets: Petrosys Intelligent Search

Prompted by some ongoing work with a few clients - we have been using Elasticsearch to overcome the challenges when trying to make sense of decades worth of unstructured reports, documents, and generic files, in an effort to get the data easily into the hands of subsurface technical teams we decided to investigate different ways of loading data from multiple sources, further evaluating the capabilities of Elasticsearch.

Season’s Greetings – A message from the C.E.O

2020 is without a doubt, not the year any of us had planned however, as I look back on the past 12 months it has been heartening to witness our resilience and capacity to adapt to unparalleled circumstances and keep going.  Petrosys colleagues and clients have successfully migrated to a ‘virtual’ world and it is with pleasure that I note our ability to communicate and remain productive has only gone from strength to strength.

GPinfo in PNG

Acting as a local agent for GPinfo’s in PNG, we are pleased to welcome Francis to the team. He will be keeping us abreast of industry developments and liaising with the Department of Petroleum & Energy and already had a big impact with dozens of PNG data changes included in the November data update.

Printed Maps vs Digital: Do we still use paper maps?

The way in which we view and interact with maps of all types and across all sectors of life and industry has changed significantly too. As the self-proclaimed ‘Mapping Gurus’, here at Petrosys, we have a clear interest in how our customers work with maps, which has recently raised the question – why do we need printed maps when digital maps are so readily available?

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