IOV V 2023.2

Petrosys | Interica is pleased to announce release of Interica OneView, Version 2023.20.

Interica OneView V2023.20 introduces several key features and enhancements, showcasing the commitment to improving user experience, performance, and security. The new Segy connector is a notable addition, expanding the IOV’s capabilities and enabling users to seamlessly interact with Segy-formatted seismic data.

Performance and security have been significantly enhanced, ensuring a smoother and more reliable experience for users. These improvements contribute to the overall efficiency and robustness of Interica OneView.

Connectors for industry-standard applications such as Petrel™, Kingdom™, DecisionSpace®, and PaleoScan™ have undergone enhancements. This ensures continued efficient integration and compatibility with these popular software solutions, facilitating a more interconnected and streamlined workflow for users working across different platforms.

One of the standout features of the Interica OneView 2023 series has been the Seismic Viewer. This feature enables users not only to view 2D and 3D seismic data but also provides detailed information on essential aspects such as the Binary Header, EBCDIC header, and the Seismic traces in the file. This expanded functionality empowers users with deeper insights into their seismic data, enhancing their ability to analyze and interpret information effectively.

IOV Seismic Viewer

Please get in touch with Support to arrange your upgrade to Interica OneView V2023.20