Wellesley and Petrosys Exchange Case study

Petrosys Exchange facilitates the smooth integration of subsurface and spatial data between third-party sources. Effortlessly select input data sources and transfer data to specified output destinations, either through interactive sessions or pre-defined workflows.

With the capability to read, write, and catalogue data across more than 15 different data types and sources, Petrosys Exchange enhances interoperability for our customers.

Petrosys Exchange: A Case Study with Wellesley Petroleum

The Challenge

Wellesley Petroleum was manually updating NPD cultural data in a Petrel reference project. The existing approach involved manual preparation of GIS data, downloaded from the NPD, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, followed by some manipulation, before loading the data into a Petrel* reference project.

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The process was the same every week, could this be automated?

Wellesley needed a trusted solution capable of automating the process, ensuring frequent and timely access to accurate GIS data in Petrel to assist them with decision-making.

The Solution

Petrosys Exchange is an established solution capable of automating the integration of GIS data into Petrel projects. To ensure a smooth transfer, Wellesley engaged the Petrosys Professional Services team to customize the workflow to meet their specific needs. This step was crucial in aligning the tool with Wellesley’s unique requirements, ensuring an optimized and efficient solution.

Wellesley Exchange workflow

The Result

Wellesley has achieved their goal of having a reliable and fully automated solution. Petrosys Exchange enables Wellesley to up-date NPD GIS data within their Petrel projects at the click of a button.

An important factor for Wellesley was time savings and Exchange delivered with a streamlined workflow ensuring access to the latest GIS data when required.

The reliability of Petrosys Exchange has instilled trust in Wellesley, eliminating the need for manual checks and enhancing overall confidence.

The Value of Exchange

  • Time Saving: Significant reduction in time and effort required for GIS data integration.
  • Reliable Automation: Increased trust in the ability of Petrosys Exchange to execute tasks without manual oversight.
  • Organizational Access: The entire organization benefits from the availability of the latest GIS data.

Petrosys Exchange: Wellesley Workflow

*Petrel is a mark of SLB

“Thanks to Petrosys Exchange our Petrel cultural data can now be updated at the click of a button!”

Terry Friel, Data Manager Wellesley Petroleum

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