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Petrosys PRO

Create publication quality maps using the latest available data in the least possible time. 

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Delivers powerful and effective software solutions for enhancing seismic processing capabilities. 

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Streamline your portfolio management with our team based stochastic resource management system.

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Data Management Solutions


Our data management strategy will help you build a reliable & secure collection of E&P data.

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Interica OneView

Artificial intelligence enabled platform for data search and visualisation manages your geoscience project environments.

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Comprehensive solution engineered for Subsurface Teams requiring an agile approach to E&P data management.

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Accurate detailed petroleum exploration information enabling informed business decisions. 

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Whether it’s routine workflows or advanced, complex challenges, Petrosys provides software solutions and expert consulting services, to ensure our customers achieve the results they want.


Petrosys case studies

What our customers are saying…

With over 30 years of experience and nonstop innovation, no wonder more than 300 industry leaders worldwide choose Petrosys, including some of the world’s most prominent national oil companies, regulators, petroleum majors, independents, and consultancies.

There aren’t many products where support gets back to you within the hour.

Geoscientist, European independent energy company

EnergyQuest has been using the GPinfo permits map ever since we started over 15 years ago. It’s an invaluable resource.

Graeme Bethune, CEO, EnergyQuest

Maps are critical to the evaluation of complex subsurface features so being able to use the tools in Petrosys PRO is vital to the success of our business.

Geoscientist, Independent Company

We have had a subscription to the GPinfo permits book and map since 1995. Our Energy & Resources group find it a very valuable resource.

Louise Stephen, Manager, Clayton Utz

I wanted to share that we took GlobeClaritas to our last offshore campaign and are thrilled with the performance and stability it provided!

Acquisition Team, Major European Company

It goes without saying that we all acknowledge & appreciate the outstanding support you are providing to our company for this project. 

Team Leader - Subsurface Data Integration, Independent Energy Company
Petrosys Services

Our services

Petrosys has a global team of professional staff who enjoy working with all types of client organizations to create, configure and deliver solutions that improve our ability to discover, develop and manage energy resources in the best way possible.

The most important form of services is Professional Education and Software Training. Petrosys provides public, online, and customized software training courses for Petrosys PRO, dbMap, PLDB and GLOBEClaritas at locations all around the globe.

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Petrosys provides a number of on-site services that will help your staff to improve their competency, skills, efficiency, and accuracy.

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Good data management is at the core of any company, but that doesn’t mean the job is easy. Work with Petrosys experts to build a competent and effective data management team and implement solutions that will ensure that your knowledge assets contribute increasing value to corporate performance.

See our Data Management Services for more.

GlobeClaritas provides public and customized software and seismic processing training courses at locations all around the globe. We can also deliver these services remotely through online collaboration tools.

If you are new to GlobeClaritas or an advanced user these courses will make sure you are up-to-date with the latest our software has to offer. Our classes all have a strong focus on educating the key principles and core concepts required to successfully process and manage seismic data aligned to geophysical best practices. Naturally, we can also provide a tailored course to suit your time, your data, and your needs.

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Petrosys has a long track record of helping to solve specific business requirements by creating collaborative partnerships with E&P companies around the world. These partnerships allow clients to provide input into software development resulting in accelerated access to solutions that are critical to their business, whilst enabling Petrosys to add additional resources to specific areas.

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