Petrosys mapping gurus are made, not born. The transformation feels effortless.


The work of petroleum exploration and production professionals has never been more challenging. Whatever you can do to expand your vision is eminently worthwhile. Petrosys puts the power of seamless integration in your hands, along with 3D visualization, surface modeling calculations and more. So you can test, refine and resolve uncertainties. And make the most of your current workflow and all your preferred data sources. Quickly and economically. The result: a map that helps you improve productivity, achieve greater success and attain mapping guru status.


Petrosys maintains a global team of professional staff who enjoy working with all types of client organizations to create, configure and deliver solutions that improve our ability to discover, develop and manage energy resources in the best way possible.

We employ a diverse range of people across our global offices, extending across several vocations and competencies focused on the needs of the energy industry. These include Information Technology, Geosciences and Data Management discipline specialists

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