epShare is a comprehensive solution specifically engineered for Subsurface Teams requiring a flexible and agile approach to E&P data management. Based on Microsoft SharePoint, epShare has been enhanced by Interica to excel at handling the complexities of subsurface data.

Identify, reconcile and move data with efficiency

The Challenge

An Australian based oil company found they needed to replace one of their major document repositories containing over 1.4 million files due to reliance on critical software that had become unsupported and to the decommissioning of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 software.

The Solution

epShare, based on Microsoft SharePoint is specifically engineered for Subsurface teams requiring a flexible and agile approach to E&P data management. epShare along with the expertise from the Interica team were able to successfully move the data and implement a faster and more efficient data repository.

The Result

The client had a customized solution in epShare with a familiar interface based on SharePoint. Significant efficiency gains were achieved  in administrative tasks including data loading resulting in an estimated 40% reduction of time required

epShare - workflow

epShare Delivered

  • Clean, consolidated data libraries across all assets resulting in significant efficiency gains in data discovery performance
  • A GIS interface allowing for geospatial queries of data in addition to the full (native) enterprise search functionality provided by SPO that maximized data search capabilities
  • Cloud hosted system based on Microsoft architecture:
    • highly performant and efficient
    • flexible and expandable
    • integrable with most data industry technologies available
    • accessible globally, yet highly secure
    • cost effective

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