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Petrosys mapping gurus are made, not born.
The transformation feels effortless.

The work of petroleum exploration and production professionals has never been more challenging. Whatever you can do to expand your vision is eminently worthwhile. Petrosys puts the power of seamless integration in your hands, along with 3D visualization, surface modeling calculations and more. So you can test, refine and resolve uncertainties. And make the most of your current workflow and all your preferred data sources. Quickly and economically. The result: a map that helps you improve productivity, achieve greater success and attain mapping guru status.

Unearth a masterpiece with Petrosys™

Embrace your freedom to interpret and define.

Direct Connectivity

The beauty of Petrosys software is that it allows you to tap seamlessly into all of your vital data sources: OpenWorks, GeoFrame, Finder, SMT, Petrel, IHS Petra, Oracle, ArcSDE – you name it – and from there combine interpretation, modeling, queries and reports to create your masterpiece. Throw in our dbMap data management capabilities, including PPDM support, and you’ve found compatibility, flexibility and improved productivity.Read More

Mapping & Visualization

Petrosys mapping software gives you everything you need to display exploration, production and geographical data in the most compelling, relevant way. Add to that our 3D visualization tools and you’re able to combine map views with effective representations of surface models to facilitate, validate and present the interpretation and decision-making process.Read More

Surface Modeling

Gridding, contouring and volumetrics calculations. A diverse range of algorithms, methods, smart interpolation and weighting techniques. Petrosys provides sophisticated, integrated surface modeling tools so you can compute complex subsurface structures and estimate volumes, taking faults into account – quickly and accurately. And track your steps so you can easily repeat them or tailor them with alternate data.Read More

Data Management

The effectiveness of the processes with which you manage your E&P assets will depend on the quality of the data that describes them. A Petrosys data management strategy will help you build a reliable and secure collection of your E&P data whether it’s information that you have measured, interpreted or acquired.Read More

Petrosys Compatibility, Leadership & Support

As an independent mapping software specialist, Petrosys engineers technology to enhance your existing workflows – by leaps and bounds. Public training and customized on-site programs have mappers up to speed in no time and our famous global support team is on the spot, always. With well over 20 years of experience and nonstop innovation, no wonder Petrosys is the choice of 250+ leading E&P firms around the world.Read More