The 1 day course exposes attendees to ways and means of dealing with geological data. This includes learning how to incorporate personal, geological knowledge into gridding and mapping which can often be lacking in computer generated maps.

Who Should Attend

The course is designed for geoscientists who are involved in creating maps of geological data, presenting geological data to non technical staff and creating grids that would benefit from the inclusion of ‘soft’ data trends.

Length of Course

1 Day


The course assumes that users have had exposure to Petrosys, and should have at least attended Getting Started in Petrosys PRO or the Making Better Maps course. Users are expected to have knowledge of the handling of well data, should be adept at creating simple grids in Petrosys and manipulating display lists (.dbm files).

Course Content

During the Geological Mapping & Modeling course, the following topics will be covered:

  1. 3D Viewer – using 3D Viewer to view and quality control your data
  2. Well data – dealing with and displaying well data from a Petrosys WDF as well as using direct connects to display and grid directly from other external data sources
  3. Bubble maps – how to create effective bubble maps that enable your geological data to have a visual impact
  4. Ortho-contours – using ortho-contours to define source to trap migration pathways
  5. Geological trends – how to impart your own geological knowledge into the gridding process by modifying contours and using techniques like localized re-gridding and bias gridding
  6. Grid operations – tying grids to well data, using grid arithmetic to compute geological surfaces and back interpolation of grids to well locations.
  7. Volumetrics – computing, understanding and generating reports from Petrosys’ volumetrics module

Availability and Registration

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