Supported environments for Desktop Petrosys PRO

Petrosys supports a wide range of computing environments. Mapping with Petrosys PRO is a natural way to bring together facts and ideas from a range of disciplines and data sources.

Petrosys PRO’s direct interfaces to many of the specialised applications used by EP professionals ensure that EP teams have better communication more quickly and with lower support and learning overheads than with older or more generic mapping systems.

Petrosys PRO Operating Systems Support

Petrosys PRO supports the following operating systems configurations:

Operating System Supported
Windows 11 Yes5
Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016,2019 Yes
Windows 8 / 8.1 / Windows Server 2012 , 2012R2 Up to PRO 2020.22
Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008R2 Up to PRO 2019.22
Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008 Up to PRO 17.82
Windows Server 2003 No1
Windows XP Home/Pro/64 No1
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 No
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 2019.23,6,9
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 17.73,5,6,9
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Up to PRO 2019.33,8,9
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Up to PRO 17.87
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 No4
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 No


  1. Windows XP (Service Pack 2+) and Windows Server 2003 were supported up to Petrosys PRO version 17.3. From version 17.4 these platforms are not supported.
  2. From Petrosys PRO version 2019.3 Windows 8 is the minimum supported platform. From Petrosys PRO version 2021.1 Windows 10 is the minimum supported platform.
  3. Please note that Oracle only certify 11g R2 for RHEL6 and 12c Release 1 for RHEL7. It is strongly recommended you follow Oracle’s platform support guidelines when provisioning a database server on this platform. Note that for Petrosys to run on RHEL6, or above, when connecting to Oracle a number of system packages must be installed, particularly nss-pam-ldapd.
  4. The 64bit version of the Petrosys application is not supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4. Red Enterprise Linux 4 is not supported by the current Petrosys version (17.6). Use version 17.5 or earlier for RHEL4 support.
  5. Windows 11 support is provisional. Petrosys has conducted testing, however some thirdparty integrations may not be supported due to their vendor not supporting Windows 11
  6. Petrosys supports RHEL8 from version 2019.2 onwards.
  7. Petrosys ceased support for RHEL5 from PRO 2017.1 and for RHEL6 from PRO 2021.1
  8. Petrosys deprecated support for RHEL6 for PRO 2020.x . It is only available on special request and has reduced functionality. RHEL6 is unsupported from PRO 2021.1 onwards
  9. Oracle Linux in Red Hat compatibility mode is supported. Petrosys no longer recommends Centos as a RHEL compatible system due to the retraction of long term support of it by IBM. Prefer AlmaLinux

Petrosys Applications Connectivity

Petrosys supports an ever increasing set of import / export interfaces and direct connections to a wide range of EP packages.

Currently Petrosys supports links to the following third-party applications:

Application Version Petrosys PRO Version Supported From
Windows Linux
Petrel 2022 2021.2.4 No
  2021 2021.1 No
  2020 2019.3 No
  2019 2019.1 No
  2018 2018.2 No
  2017 17.8sp8 No
  2016 17.8 No
  2015 17.6sp10 to 2020.2.3 No
  2014 17.5sp2 to 2018.3.4 No
  2013 17.3sp8 to 17.8 No
  2012 and earlier No No
DUG Insight 4.5 2018.3.37 2018.3.37
  4 17.4sp3 17.4sp3
  3 17.4sp3 17.4sp3
Oracle 18c ( , 19c ( 10 12 17.8sp52 17.8sp52 17.8sp52 17.8sp52 10 17.8sp52 17.8sp52 17.42 17.42 17.02 17.02 17.02 17.02
  8.1.7 No No
ArcSDE 10.2.2 to 10.5 17.8sp49 17.8sp49
  10.1 17.2sp8 17.2sp8
  10.0sp3 17.0sp3 17.0sp3
  9.0 to 9.3 17.0 17.0
  8.3 No No
ArcGIS Pro 2.9 2021.2.513 No
  2.8 2021.1.113 No
  2.5 to 2.7 2021.113 No
ArcGIS Desktop 10.7, 10.7.1 , 10.8 No No
  10.6.1 2018.3.4 No
  10.6 2017.1.2 No
  10.5 17.8sp4 No
  10.4 17.7sp4 No
  10.3, 10.3.1 17.6sp6 No
  10.2 17.4 No
  10.1 17.2sp8 to 17.8 No
  10.0sp4 17.0sp3 to 17.8 No
  9.1 to 9.3 17.0 to 17.8 No
DecisionSpace Geosciences 10ep.2 to 10ep.4.03 13 2018.1 2018.1
OpenWorks R5000.10.6 17.8sp71 17.8sp7
  R5000.10.0 to R5000.10.3 17.6sp21 17.6sp2
  R5000.8.x 17.6sp21 17.6sp2
  R5000.0.x to R5000.3.x 17.6sp21 to 17.8 17.6sp2 to 17.8
  R2003.12 No No
GeoFrame 2012 17.3sp3 17.3sp3
  4.5 17.0 to 17.8 17.0 to 17.8
  4.4 17.0 to 17.8 17.0 to 17.8
Finder 9.x 17.0 17.0
GeoGraphix 2013 17.311 No
IHS Kingdom 2019 17.65 No
  2018 17.65 No
  2017 17.65 No
  2016 17.65 No
  2015 17.65 No
  V8.5.2 to V8.8 17.05 No
  V8.1 to V8.5 17.0 No
SeisWare V10.x No No
  V9.1 to V9.2 17.8sp1 No
  V9 17.7sp6 No
  V8 17.4 No
  V7.X 17.0 No
IC (ODM) 3.7+, 2016+ 17.3sp6 No
Intellex 17.0 17.0
IHS Info Hub 17.0 17.0
Trango 17.0 17.0
IHS Petra 4.0 17.3 No 17.0 No
Paradigm Epos Paradigm 19p1 2019.3 2019.3
  Paradigm 19 2019.3 2019.3
  Paradigm 18p1 2019.1 2019.1
  Paradigm 18 2018.2.1 2018.2.1
  Paradigm 17 17.8sp6 17.8sp6
  Paradigm 15.5 17.7sp4 17.7sp4
  Paradigm 15 17.6sp108 to 17.8 17.6sp10 to 17.8
  Paradigm 14.1 17.6sp48 to 17.8 17.6sp4 to 17.8
  Paradigm 14 17.68 to 17.8 17.6 to 17.8
  Paradigm 2011.3 with Epos 4.1 Data Management 17.48 to 17.8 17.4 to 17.8
  Paradigm 2011.2 with Epos 4.1 Data Management No No6
  Paradigm 2011.1 with Epos 4.1 Data Management No No6
  Paradigm 2011 with Epos 4.1 Data Management No No6
  Paradigm with Epos 4 Data Management No No6
Eliis PaleoScan 2019.1.3 2019.3 No
RFD tNavigator (via RESCUE) 19.3 2019.3 2019.3
FaultSeal FaultRisk 4.3.0 , 4.4.0 No No
  4.1.1, 4.2.0 17.4sp4 No
  4.0 to 4.1.0 17.3 No
Excel .xlsx files 17.3 17.3
  .xls files 17.3 17.3


  1. Petrosys running under Microsoft Windows requires a Petrosys ‘SSH’ communication protocol to be configured to access some OpenWorks/SeisWorks data on a Linux server . From version 17.7, Petrosys is able to natively access Openworks R5000.8+ on Windows.
  2. Petrosys recommends Oracle Database Server 18c ( or higher. When running on Redhat Enterprise Linux or above you must ensure that all of Oracle’s system library dependencies are installed, particularly nss-pam-ldapd.
  3. For Oracle Server version, or higher, Petrosys recommends clients consider some known hardware compatibility issues on certain Oracle brand hardware due to a serious bug introduced by Oracle in that breaks Spatial functionality. Refer Oracle Bug 11686843.
  4. For Oracle Server version Petrosys requires patch set 18470311 & 18328186, or use version or above. Note that as always new versions of Oracle should be tested in non-production environments to verify functionality before being rolled out to production servers.
  5. If the Auto SQL Server Express option in IHS Kingdom V8.5sp2 and higher is used for a project, it is only possible to connect to it while the project is open in IHS Kingdom.
  6. ‘Paradigm with Epos 4 Data Management’ was last supported in Petrosys version 17.5sp4 , ‘Paradigm 2011 to 2011.2 with Epos 4.1 Data Management’ were last supported in Petrosys version 17.7sp6.
  7. DUG Insight version 4.5 has not been tested explicitly. However, it is expected to work at the same level as version 4.
  8. Paradigm versions older than 15.5 are not supported on Windows 10 or at all from Petrosys PRO 2017.1
  9. ArcSDE server connection compatibility can be quite complex due to the wide variety of underlying database vendors and versions. Please check with Petrosys support before upgrading your ArcSDE version or database versions.
  10. Using Oracle 12 and later wallets is supported from version 17.8sp5 and later.
  11. For GeoGraphix, a 64bit ODBC driver for Sybase is required and it is only possible to connect to a project while it is open in GeoGraphix.
  12. Oracle 18c and 19c is technically supported according to Oracle’s client/server compatibiity matrix, however Petrosys has not yet conducted formal testing against these versions of Oracle. Note that as always new versions of Oracle should be tested in non-production environments to verify functionality before being rolled out to production servers.
  13. Landmark Solutions’ DecisionSpace Geosciences application supported versions depend on the version of OpenWorks being used. For data access via drag and drop see the supported versions of OpenWorks. For the DecisionSpace Geosciences Petrosys installed plugin the supported versions are listed against the DecisionSpace Geosciences line.
  14. ArcGIS Pro Add-In is not supported using FlexLM dongle licensing. Contact support.

See more on Hardware Requirements