Petrosys PRO Hardware Requirements

The Petrosys PRO application has light minimum system requirements for hardware. Almost any system that can run Windows or Linux will run Petrosys PRO however the optimal requirements will depend on the volume of data and the type of work being done.

Minimum hardware requirements:

Windows Linux
Disk space – Software Application 750MB 800MB
Disk space – Data for projects 1GB 1GB
Disk space – Operating system temporary area 8GB 8GB
Virtual memory 32GB 32GB
Graphics system Graphics system that supports a complete implementation of OpenGL (any version). However, certain features may not be available depending on the OpenGL version and extensions supported. We recommend OpenGL version 2.0+
Graphics screen 1024×768 1024×768
FlexNet FlexLM License Manager server.<Note: The FlexLM license server is only supported on the set of operating systems that the Petrosys PRO desktop application is supported on> 11.11 11.11

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