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PLDB Prospects & Leads Database by Petrosys Short Overview

With PLDB you can employ consistent processes to identify, assess geological and commercial risk, and select prospects to drill across global portfolios. Learn more about the Petrosys Prospects & Leads Database.

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2020 Sep, 30

Would you like to be able to capture and store REP spreadsheets in a secure centralised database? You can with PLDB.

WFA: Well Failure Analysis by Petrosys

2020 Jun, 11

WFA is the geological well failure analysis module by Petrosys. Use existing geoscience data to quantify and reduce future risk. The WFA module is part of the Petrosys Prospects and Leads Database, PLDB.

Managing all prospects and leads in a secure, centralised database, provides a distinct advantage when it comes to finding, evaluating, and selecting prospects to invest in.

Webinar Videos

PLDB: Well Failure Analysis Webinar from Petrosys

2020 Jun, 19

Learning from past failures is critical to achieving future success. In PLDB this learning process has traditionally been accomplished using the post-drill analysis feature. More recently, a significant piece of functionality has been introduced to PLDB, called ‘Well Failure Analysis’. The WFA tool allows companies to capture, analyse and spatialise the geological reasons why a well has failed. This is critical for anyone working on existing prospects or leads as it allows play risk values to be derived objectively and consistently using historical information.

Exploring PLDB™ – Prospects and Leads

2018 Dec, 20

PLDB™ (Prospects and Leads Database) is a powerful enterprise solution for creating an organised, secure repository of your prospects, leads, plays and opportunities. This webinar will give an overview of the system; showing the key functionality and explaining why it is an invaluable tool for storing and managing your petroleum portfolio.


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