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New-Look Petrosys Theme
You may have come across some new faces at recent tradeshows… they’re the faces of our new theme which highlights Petrosys’ ability to unify and leverage insights from your entire team through integrated, automated workflows; by using Petrosys you can transform the quality of mapping standards across your entire business.

Special Offer On Petrosys Online Training
Our Online Training is a convenient and cost-effective way to develop your skill set and knowledge. It’s even better value with our mid-year offer – get a 50% discount for a limited time!

New Client Portal
The new Client Portal was launched to existing maintained sites at the end of May, providing users with on-demand access to some of the common help services.

What’s Coming In Petrosys Pro 2017.1
The next major release of the Petrosys desktop product will see its name change, together with several “stand out” improvements including: map templates, DecisionSpace® Geoscience integration and improved surface modeling.

Origin Set To Improve Well Data Capture For Their Planned CSG Wells
A new module that Petrosys is deploying in dbMap/Web for Origin will greatly improve the data collection process prior to drilling. Key features of the Well Specification Card module are version control and the Approval workflow process.

Quarterly Training Program At Aramco
Discover how week-long training classes, held up to 5 times a year, are helping Saudi Aramco students to learn using company-specific workflows.

Partnering With Universities To Breed The Next Generation Of Explorationists
Petrosys’ long-standing education grant program is complemented with training for students on how to apply the software to their project work. Discover the work we’ve been doing recently with a number of Universities globally.

Customised Webinars Invaluable To Those With No Training Budget
A new addition to our already extensive training offering is ‘Custom Webinars’. Designed to act as mini-training sessions, the webinars are tailored to the client’s needs and run exclusively for the individual company.

Save Time And Effort With Batching And Looping
Maximise the use of your time and effort by learning how to batch and loop tasks within a Petrosys workflow so that it can be looped over and over, and saved and added to at a later time.

Using Fault Sticks To Generate Mapping Polygons
Automatically calculating fault polygons from fault sticks and horizon data is a major time saving over manual workflows. Follow this sample workflow to learn how!

Dear Steve…
I have point data in a Shape File and I would like to back interpolate grid values to a new attribute within my Shape File. How can I do this in Petrosys?

Meet The Team…
This month we sat down with Glasgow’s Vice President – Europe, Russia & Africa, Nathan Balls, to get to know a little more about him.