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Version 17.8sp1 Focuses On Improved Mapping And Editing Of Data

Version 17.8sp1 is out now! Released on 15th September 2016, the release focuses on improved mapping and editing of data that makes it easier to use consistent map templates across maps of different scales and extents, simplifying final map production and improving map automation workflows.

New Grid Editor Improves The Quality Of Geological Maps

One of the most significant additions to v17.8sp1 is a powerful new grid editor, that allows for a quick and easy way to improve the quality of geological maps without the need for re-interpretation. It also allows easy creation of surfaces from digitised data.

Gridding Using Cross Validation

Learn how to evaluate generated grids by examining the impact that individual data points have on the grid as a whole using cross validation.

Dear Steve…

I have a shapefile of counties of the southeast United States and I would like to only display the counties within the state of Texas. How can I do this in Petrosys?

Petrosys Provides Core Energy Group With An Energy Resource And Modelling Delivery Platform

Petrosys has developed a new set of flexible data loading tools for local Adelaide company, Core Energy. “EnergyView” is operated by Core Energy and delivers leading energy intelligence.

Prospects And Leads Gaining Industry Exposure

Petrosys’ Prospects and Leads system (PLDB) is gaining exposure with several client presentations and evaluations over the past months. PLDB has recently been enhanced to incorporate the Appraisal and Development phases of an asset’s lifecycle.

Reservoir Simulation Expert Now Available In Australia

Please give a warm welcome to Suresh Satiavan who will be providing local support and expertise on reservoir simulation in Australia. Suresh will be based in our Perth office and will be supporting the tNavigator client base in Australia, NZ and PNG.

Meet With Us

Petrosys is exhibiting at the upcoming SEG Conference and Exhibition 16-21 October 2016. Stop by our booth # 2515 where we will show you how our trusted subsurface mapping system can help you to produce geologically accurate maps.

Petrosys Training

It’s been a great start to the FY17 year! Why not join numerous other clients registering to learn or upskill by participating in one of our training options?

Meet The Team…

Meet Wallace McGee, Internal Systems Developer at Petrosys. Based in the Adelaide office, Wallace keeps our internal software churning.